Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Jewellery Haul for my 3rd Wedding Anniversary

As you have already read, my 3rd wedding anniversary is only a few days away. Hence, I am in a good mood. And you dont need an astrologer to say that good moods lead to hauls or shopping. :)

I hauled and this time I bought two sets of jewellery and they are as different as chalk and cheese. The first one is a maroon colored traditional dokra set with the neckpiece made of thread. And the second set is a lovely oxidised set that I was lusting for... I don’t know since when.

However this does not mean that I was not in hunt for the first one though.
I bought these sets from a dear friend, who is my classmate. She is a junk jewellery enthusiast herself, and sells her own handcrafted jewellery too.

Now I will let the pictures do the talking. Take a look at the pictures and please be cautious, since this is a picture heavy post. :)


How did you like my haul? Please share in the comments below. :) Am already overjoyed and cannot wait to wear these sets. :)