Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Jewellery Haul for my 3rd Wedding Anniversary

As you have already read, my 3rd wedding anniversary is only a few days away. Hence, I am in a good mood. And you dont need an astrologer to say that good moods lead to hauls or shopping. :)

I hauled and this time I bought two sets of jewellery and they are as different as chalk and cheese. The first one is a maroon colored traditional dokra set with the neckpiece made of thread. And the second set is a lovely oxidised set that I was lusting for... I don’t know since when.

However this does not mean that I was not in hunt for the first one though.
I bought these sets from a dear friend, who is my classmate. She is a junk jewellery enthusiast herself, and sells her own handcrafted jewellery too.

Now I will let the pictures do the talking. Take a look at the pictures and please be cautious, since this is a picture heavy post. :)


How did you like my haul? Please share in the comments below. :) Am already overjoyed and cannot wait to wear these sets. :)


  1. pretty... i liked the oxidised one more :)

  2. i love the oxidised one.. i am looking for such a neck piece since long.. will ur friend be interested in selling this to me? (live in chennai):)

  3. Yeah I know it's very very pretty... :)

  4. Hey Rajalakshmi, thank you for stopping by my blog. I'll ask her but the prob is she lives in US where her hubby works. So though u can block jewellery, u will get it only when she comes to Kolkata. The payment has to be made, when she come sto Kolkata. Till then she will definitely block teh pices for you. Hope that works. I will ask her if she has the oxidised one. Can you pls give me your email id?

    1. i have mailed u dear.. thank u so much... that would be fine...

  5. Lovely Haul Nivi.... :)Loved all jewels

  6. Good information dear. some latest and beautiful Indian Jewelery Designs to share


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