Monday, September 24, 2012

This or That.. I'm Tagged


Blush or Bronzer? 

Lipgloss or Lipstick?


Chapstick or Lipbalm?

Matte or Sparkle Eye Shadow?


Gel, Liquid, Cream, or Pencil  Eyeliner?


Foundation or Concealer?


Liquid or Powder Foundation?
Liquid Foundation

Neutral or Statement Eyes?

Winged or Rimmed liner?

Rimmed Liner

Pressed or Loose Shadows?
Pressed Shadows

Waterproof or Non Water proof?

Brushes, Sponges or Fingers?


Neon, Pastels or Glitter Nails?

Long or short?
Acrylic or natural?

Matte or Shiny?


Go for manicures, or manicure yourself?



Perfume or Body splash?

Body splash
Lotion or Body butter?
Body wash or Soap?

Body Wash

Fruity or Flowery scents?


Natural or Synthetic products?



Jeans or Sweat pants?

Long sleeve of Short?

Dresses or Skirts?


Stripes or Plaid?

Stripes :)

Tunics or Tshirts?


Flip flops or Sandals?

Flip Flops!

Scarves or Hats?


Studs or Dangly earrings?


Necklaces or Bracelets ?


Heels or flats ?


Jacket or Hoodie?  


curly or straight


Bun or ponytail


Bobby pins or butterfly clips
Simple clips

Hair spray or gel
Hair spray

Long or short 

Light or dark 

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs
Side Swept

Up or Down 

Rain or shine

Summer or winter


Chocolate or Vanilla 


Pool or beach?


Mall or online shopping?


Coke Pepsi?

Thums Up

Donuts or Pastry?

Sizzling Brownie...  J

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Supriya of Purple Notebook

Radha of My Noble Secrets

Prachi of Lumiousha

A special thanks goes to Dolon for tagging me. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Common Habits that Age Your Skin

I recently noticed a friend of mine, declaring on her social media page – Life begins at 30!’ It was her birthday. In reply to this, a female friend of hers wrote – ‘… and so do wrinkles and all the other perils of ageing’.

Today I’d like to talk about our bad habits that contribute to the visible signs of ageing. So, let’s become aware of a fact first, before we talk about the bad habits.

Fact: The first wrinkle or the first grey hair is only a visible sign of the ageing process. Their appearance on your body is a mere visible indication only. In fact after the age of 25, the body begins to degenerate gradually and this is visible later, at about the age of 30.

Note: The bodies of different people function differently. So you may find your wrinkles appearing on your siblings or best friends appear well after the age of 35. So don’t go by what you see on others. You may age earlier than them. Your genes determine when these changes will be visible on you.

Certain habits that most of us adapt to regularly contribute the ageing process to a great extent. Not only do these age you, but they play a great role in making you look older than you are and at a premature stage. See for yourself whether these habits are part of your regular life.

1. Don’t be too skinny:  Leading dermatologists opine that loss of facial fat causes sagging and a gaunt, aged appearance.
Also, going on crash diets or starving is a big no-no. If your sudden and immense weight loss is due to an illness, consult a doctor for a healthy diet regimen, which you can follow to cope with the subsequent weight loss. 

2. Don’t rub, pull or tug on sensitive areas: Vigorous pulling, tugging and rubbing on delicate skin around the eyes can cause darkness of the skin. 

3. Don’t under sleep:  The skin restores and rejuvenates itself on its own at night, while you’re sleeping. It repairs itself, so anti-aging products can penetrate better. Also less sleep is harmful for your body clock as well, that imparts a tired and dull look on your face.   

4. Don’t sleep on your side: Sleeping on the side may seem cosy and comfortable, but it’s not too good for your skin, as this leads to wrinkles along your neck area. Also, sleeping on the stomach is not advisable, as pressing your face for 8 hours against a pillow can break down the skin, causing wrinkles. As a rule, always sleep on your back.  

5. Don’t sip/ smoke: We all know smoking wreaks havoc with our bodies and kills us. Sipping out of a straw also speeds the ageing process around your mouth area, leading to fine lines and deeper laughing lines.  

6. Don’t live with stress: Stress is part of our lives today, but it’s important to learn to unwind and leave your worries for good. Exercise, music, a book that you’ll die for, a vacation or some quality time with kids, friends and family can do wonders for your body and skin. You can also give meditation, a relaxing massage a shot to relieve the stress. Develop an outlet to let go of the stress in your life.  

7. Don’t forget the sunscreen: Sun protection is a must for everyone today, considering the pollution levels and the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays on our skin. If your work requires you to remain outdoors for 90% of your day, re-apply the sunscreen after every 3-4 hours. Also go for a higher SPF. Ideally, an SPF of 30 is good for women who are indoors most of the time.

Note: Computers and mobile phones also emit radiation that is damaging for your skin. Use a good sunscreen if your sin is sensitive.

8. Don’t ditch the Elixir: Water is a magic potion and if you notice fine lines on your face, far before your 30th birthday, then it’s time to hydrate yourself. Dehydrated and moisture less skin ages faster. So drink, drink and drink.    

9. Don’t forget sunglasses: When you’r out in the sun, wear sunglasses always. Repeated squinting can easily lead to wrinkles and lines around the eye area. Sunlight can also cause pigmentation, if your eye area is exposed.  

10 . Don’t forget the moisturizer: As we age, our skin becomes loose and drier. The dryness happens because the skin produces lesser oil. So the cardinal rule is to moisturize. And you must not only moisturize your face. Pay special attention to your hands and neck as they reflect your age, much more than your face. So now you know why most actresses and old women flaunt a taut facial skin, but ragged and loose skin on their neck and hands. 

And your body needs some moisture too! If not a cream, then you can surely treat with oil, cant you, beautiful ladies?  

So these were the common habits that play a major role behind the fine lines you spot on your face, one fine day. Take care not to continue these habits to flaunt a youthful and glowing skin all the time. Stay radiant Ladies! :)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top 6 To Do Things for 30 days before Durga Pujo

The calendar says – ‘32 days to go before Ma (Goddess Durga) arrives’.

Noticing this, the first thought that struck me was, ‘it’s high time to take stock of my skin and hair and health, in general.’ You may wonder, ‘Why?’.

The answer is simple: With friends, relatives and family around, it’s important to look perfecto! After all, looking good begins with a great and flawless skin and shiny locks. 

So here are the top 6 things, I plan to follow all through this month, to look great in all the new sarees and clothes I have bought already! (I’m planning to do a post on what I have bought for Pujo so far, and which saree I plan to wear on which day!)

1. CTMing in a different way: I’ll begin with the CTM routine. On regular weekdays, I’ll religiously follow the usual CTM routine, using the Richfeel Cleanser, Rose Water and Brihan’s Cucumber Gel. I go to sleep with Cucumber Gel on my face every night.

For these 30 days: I plan to add the Sweet Almond Oil as well. I’ll apply a small amount of this Oil around the eye area. I’ll replace the Cucumber Gel with Olive Oil and Lavender Oil and go to sleep with this, to achieve a glowing and hydrated skin next day.

2. Moisturiser: As said, I use Cucumber Gel as a moisturizer now.

For these 30 days: I plan to use Aloe Vera gel or honey as a moisturizer on a regular basis, at least twice a day.

3. Nourishing:  I know it’s important to nourish the skin from inside and that is why I do eat salads and fruits occasionally. I know I can see some of you say, That Wont Do, Girl!

For these 30 days: Mere application of packs, CTMs and scrubs don’t create the magic and that’s why I plan to overhaul my diet as well. Salads and hydrating vegetables like cucumber and tomatoes will top my food list. Along with this, I’ll embrace a bowl of curd as my dessert after lunch every day. I’m ditching the sandwiches and fries I snack on at times. But not any more! Instead, it’s sprouts and corn for me from now on.

4. De-tan: One easily gets tanned in Pune and to top this, I got even more tanned during my amazing Goa trip, earlier this year. And ever since, I’m battling with the tan, winning some battles and losing many!

For these 30 days: I plan to do damage control by detanning myself using Lacto Tan clear and a pack of multani mitti with cold water and turmeric, every alternate day. Plus, protection is also a must for me now.

5. Deep Conditioning:  For fabulous hair, you need deep conditioning! I deep condition my hair, once a month.

For these 30 days: My plan is to deep condition my hair every weekend. For this, I use a combination of olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil. I put the oils together to warm. When it gets quite warm, I apply this oil on the scalp and the entire length and wear a shower cap. After an hour, I shampoo off. The after effect makes me smile throughout the day!

6. Pedicure: Treating my fired feet to a relaxing pedicure session is mandatory ahead of the festival.

And for a curtain raiser, I'd love to create this look for myself on Ashtami morning.

These are my priorities ahead of Durga Pujo this year. What are your to do’s? Please share in the comments below. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Question of the Week: Week 2

Okay girls! It’s time for the 2nd question of the week post. As I mentioned earlier, the mind needs exercise and it is through a positive and constructive debate, we get to know so many opinions and beliefs, which only enriches us all the more.
Some days ago, I was reading a post on Kareena Kapoor’s impending marriage and how her life may change post-marriage. Let me elaborate a little! In the post, the author expressed her sadness at the fact, that how despite modernism and women breaking many barriers and provimg many myths wrong, marriage leads to a mammoth change in a woman’s world even today.
She was wondering whether it is justified for an actress of Kareena’s caliber to accept some rules set for her (not sure whether it’s true, but I have read in many articles that Kareena may be unable to accept bold roles, post wedding).  

In this context, I’ll pose my 1st question for this week. (There could be numerous questions on this topic, exploring various aspects. But I’ll pose the simplest question first. )

Do you think it is a Thumb rule for every Indian woman to get married and settle down to a happy domesticated life? 

Why can't a woman be Single for as many days as she wants? 
 If yes, why and if no, then (again) why?

Please be open to share your feelings. No one will be held for expressing your views clearly. Also take your sweet time to think and you've the whole weekend to think about! :)

Wonderful Sarees by Shelly's for You

With only 35 days left for the Goddess to arrive and bless us umpteen times this year, it’s high time that you begin your shopping  for Durga Puja isn’t it?
And shopping means you’ll buy beautiful clothes such as dresses and kurta or Panjabi for your family and dear ones.

So this year, you could check out a wonderful collection of sarees brought to you by Shelly’s Boutique in Kolkata. 

Shelly’s cater designer sarees and traditional sarees like Dhakai Jamdani, Bengal Cotton(popularly called “Tant”) and Kerala Kasavu cotton sarees. 

The collection is fashionable, exquisite and very very brilliant to look at.

What’s more, you could also buy kurtis, punjabis, stoles, tops, bed and cushion covers, handkerchieves and hand-crafted/costume jewelleries. All products are either hand-printed/embroidered or machine printed/embroidered.
Check out their collection here
For enquiries, please email them at You can also contact them at their FB page here.

Their products are also showcased in exhibitions periodically. For information about exhibitions, please keep an eye on their FB page, where the venue and dates will be posted in advance, as soon as an exhibition is planned.
I’m planning to check out their sarees, will you?
Please share in the comments below.

Pout Pretty Reviews 'The Fab India Tea Tree Face Wash'

I was planning to buy a few stuff for myself and I noticed that most of the products I was planning to buy, have been used by Dolon of Pout Pretty fame. So I requested her to review them for me, so that based on her reviews, I could take a call.

And she was kind enough to take the pain of writing and reviewing the product. Here’s what she had to say:

I know a lot of you swear by The Body Shop’s Tea Tree range for all your oily skin and acne woes. No doubt the products are amazing but an equally good range of Tea Tree products are available at Fab India and at nearly half the price. I’ve been using the Fab India Tea Tree face wash for nearly two years now for my oily/combination skin and don’t even remember the number of tubes that I've used up. This is definitely one product that I can repurchase again and again.

Let’s see why.

What Fab India Claims:  

An antiseptic face wash ideal for oily skin, containing tea tree oil and turmeric extract. Daily use removes excess sebum reducing acne and pimples.


Purified Water, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate, Cocoamidopropylbetaine, Sodium Chloride, Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic Acid, Guar Gum, Turmeric Extract, Citric Acid.

What You See: 
The packaging of the face wash is very simple just like all the other fab India products, a light green bottle with a handy click cap. It’s a gel based face wash, green in color with a transparent base. The quantity required is very little and lathers up pretty well. It is a mild face wash therefore does not lead to any dryness and the skin feels squeaky clean after use.

What are the Pros?

·   100% natural

·   Controls oil secretion and prevents skin breakouts
·   Does not dry out the skin
·  Very refreshing
·  Reasonably priced
·  Lasts for a pretty long time

What are the Cons?
·  I don’t like the medicated smell
· Might be drying on those with dry skin

If you are looking for an affordable face wash to deal with oily skin and acne, do give this one a try. The results might not be instantaneous and takes a bit of time to show up, but you will love the effect on your skin. And pls do not forget to put in your thoughts about 
whether you liked it nor not. :)

What I feel/say:

Considering the effect this face wash has on the skin, I’ll certainly buy it. Here's why: 

· I have combination skin like Dolon.
· I want a face wash that refreshes and solves acne problems.
· I would like to use a face wash that has long lasting effect and is herbal as well. :)

So a ayes it is for me, Girls! What about you, would you like to try this face wash as well?

Note: Keep watching this space, because Dolon has promised to review a few other products for me. So stay tuned Girls!