Friday, September 14, 2012

Wonderful Sarees by Shelly's for You

With only 35 days left for the Goddess to arrive and bless us umpteen times this year, it’s high time that you begin your shopping  for Durga Puja isn’t it?
And shopping means you’ll buy beautiful clothes such as dresses and kurta or Panjabi for your family and dear ones.

So this year, you could check out a wonderful collection of sarees brought to you by Shelly’s Boutique in Kolkata. 

Shelly’s cater designer sarees and traditional sarees like Dhakai Jamdani, Bengal Cotton(popularly called “Tant”) and Kerala Kasavu cotton sarees. 

The collection is fashionable, exquisite and very very brilliant to look at.

What’s more, you could also buy kurtis, punjabis, stoles, tops, bed and cushion covers, handkerchieves and hand-crafted/costume jewelleries. All products are either hand-printed/embroidered or machine printed/embroidered.
Check out their collection here
For enquiries, please email them at You can also contact them at their FB page here.

Their products are also showcased in exhibitions periodically. For information about exhibitions, please keep an eye on their FB page, where the venue and dates will be posted in advance, as soon as an exhibition is planned.
I’m planning to check out their sarees, will you?
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