Friday, September 14, 2012

Question of the Week: Week 2

Okay girls! It’s time for the 2nd question of the week post. As I mentioned earlier, the mind needs exercise and it is through a positive and constructive debate, we get to know so many opinions and beliefs, which only enriches us all the more.
Some days ago, I was reading a post on Kareena Kapoor’s impending marriage and how her life may change post-marriage. Let me elaborate a little! In the post, the author expressed her sadness at the fact, that how despite modernism and women breaking many barriers and provimg many myths wrong, marriage leads to a mammoth change in a woman’s world even today.
She was wondering whether it is justified for an actress of Kareena’s caliber to accept some rules set for her (not sure whether it’s true, but I have read in many articles that Kareena may be unable to accept bold roles, post wedding).  

In this context, I’ll pose my 1st question for this week. (There could be numerous questions on this topic, exploring various aspects. But I’ll pose the simplest question first. )

Do you think it is a Thumb rule for every Indian woman to get married and settle down to a happy domesticated life? 

Why can't a woman be Single for as many days as she wants? 
 If yes, why and if no, then (again) why?

Please be open to share your feelings. No one will be held for expressing your views clearly. Also take your sweet time to think and you've the whole weekend to think about! :)