Friday, September 14, 2012

Question of the Week: Week 2

Okay girls! It’s time for the 2nd question of the week post. As I mentioned earlier, the mind needs exercise and it is through a positive and constructive debate, we get to know so many opinions and beliefs, which only enriches us all the more.
Some days ago, I was reading a post on Kareena Kapoor’s impending marriage and how her life may change post-marriage. Let me elaborate a little! In the post, the author expressed her sadness at the fact, that how despite modernism and women breaking many barriers and provimg many myths wrong, marriage leads to a mammoth change in a woman’s world even today.
She was wondering whether it is justified for an actress of Kareena’s caliber to accept some rules set for her (not sure whether it’s true, but I have read in many articles that Kareena may be unable to accept bold roles, post wedding).  

In this context, I’ll pose my 1st question for this week. (There could be numerous questions on this topic, exploring various aspects. But I’ll pose the simplest question first. )

Do you think it is a Thumb rule for every Indian woman to get married and settle down to a happy domesticated life? 

Why can't a woman be Single for as many days as she wants? 
 If yes, why and if no, then (again) why?

Please be open to share your feelings. No one will be held for expressing your views clearly. Also take your sweet time to think and you've the whole weekend to think about! :)


  1. a very interesting question nivi.. :)
    what i feel on this issue is that we (indian men and women) are conditioned in such a way that marriage only seems to be an ultimate goal of our lives. when most of us have just stepped into adult hood and started knowing things and understanding them, we find ourselves sorrounded by marriage talks. on a personal front i believe that marrying or not is a very personal choice and should be decided by the individual only rather than the family jumping into it. the decision will change not just two people's life but also of those associated with them.. so it has to be taken wisely.. many may not feel to be ready to get married at a certain age or may not marry at all... so we should just leave it to them.. personal, social achievements can be made withour marrying too... women dont need a male partner to achieve salvation (haha..) and vice versa too...

  2. Agree with you completely Supriya. And thank you so much for writing so beautifully :)

  3. Agree with you completely Supriya. And thank you so much for writing so beautifully :)

  4. Hi Nivi,
    This is Radha your 22nd Follower :).. I love your blog as it supports for Herbal products.. Me too like the same..

    Coming to the Question

    I will say No, becaz, I have seen So many negative points from being a single women. I would say not a man also can be single. Becaz every human being needs some mate to share their feeling, sorrows, happiness...Being single will be happy for upto some time only. It will become difficult when they are getting old. Every man and women should understand each other properly will helps happy life. Single women or man, their life will be incomplete. They will miss so many beautiful things in the life. A women can be single in her life upto a certain period. We all know that a incident happend for a girl who left alone by her boy friends in front of a bar...According to me it is Risky.

  5. I can't talk about India, but in general I think most women desire to get married at some point in their life. The problem is that many times they don't marry the right man or they get married for the wrong reasons.

  6. whether she is getting married or not shouldn't really change anything coz she has been almost engaged to her beau since pretty long and her in-laws have been aware of the already so why should just a married tag change what she does??? does that mean that she can actually live like whatever she want even when committed but not after a labelling is done??? that's pretty weird!!!

  7. Hey Radha!Thank you for following me and yes I personally adore herbal products. And my blog will always support the same. And you have made a valid point which is the very reason why the institution of marriage was created. But then being Single is also a choice that many successful women are making today and enjoying a great deal. :)

  8. @Demi: Right you're and when some women see their peers or cousins suffer due to wrong choices or for other reasons, they choose not to marry instead!

  9. @Swati: Absolutely, even I felt it was pretty weird because Saif belongs to the same profession and knows how the industry works. If this is true, then this is surely surprising. Let's wait and watch and see how things unfold eventually. :)


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