Wednesday, September 12, 2012

News Alert for Patanjali Products

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen( are there any?)!

Here’s a piece of information that most loyal customers of Patanjali would love to read. As part of his campaign to make Indians turn organic and release the goodness of natural Indian products, Swami Ramdev has ventured into the retail market.

This means that now you can buy most of his products in your local medicine shops or retail ‘kirana’ stores. Swami Ramdev had announced previously that he will try and bring his products closer to the customers, by tying up with shops across the country.

I happened to notice a poster in two of the medicine shops near my house. Yet I asked the shopkeeper, to confirm whether he stocks Patanjali products and he affirmed. I wanted to leap in joy, as I could buy my favorite stuff quite easily.

So, now your complaints of not locating agencies in your area should come to rest finally! J


  1. hey nivedita thats really good news... otherwise i had to go really far from my house to search for patanjali products... if it has come in pune kirana stores then it will soon be in mumbai too!!...

  2. I guess you'll get these products in medicine shops for sure in Mumbai. It must have been started in Mumbai already. Just keep an eye and you'll notice! :)


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