Thursday, December 27, 2012

Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays

Hello pretty Ladies!

Me and my husband are taking off on a little vacation during the year end. We'll meet up with my husband's friend and his spouse and ring in the new year together.

Incidentally, my husband's friend's birthday falls on the 31st Dec. So it will be a double bonanza for sure. I'm soo looking forward to this mini-break.

Meanwhile, I'm sure you all will have a fabulous time with your families and friends. So eat, drink and be merry and have a great time. And here's wishing you all Happy Holidays and a super duper Happy New Year. 

Bbye and see all of you in the New Year. :) 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kareena's Top 5 Best Looks of 2012

With 11 days to go, it’s time to rewind isn’t it? Today’s post is dedicated to Kareena Kappor Khan (whuff! KKK) , where we’ll explore the top 5 looks she sported onscreen and off it in 2012. 

When it comes to Kareena, one has to admit that this lady is like wine, getting better with the passage of time. She appeared in quite many films this year and her filmography is as follows: 

Ek Main aur Ek tu – This was her first film of the year. 
Agent Vinod  - This much hyped film bombed at the box office. The whole of India was expecting her wedding to be held immediately after the film’s release. 
Rowdy Rathore – Special appearance in Item Song
Heroine – Author backed role and the film was directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. Due to its similarity with his earlier film Fashion, the movie was not well received by the audience. 
Talaash – An interesting role played by her. She did put in a sensitive performance, and looked great. 

I will not talk about the item songs she appeared in. So it's only about the full fledged roles Kareena played in her movies this year. 

Ek Maun Aur Ek Tu: Starring along with Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor looked every bit the girl-next-door and sported the normal everyday girl look. I loved her glossy lips in nude shades, with rosy cheeks. In some scenes, one could see her eyes thinly lined with eyeliner and kohl. She also donned the messy hair look in this film. 

Agent Vinod: Who can forget this actress in the song ‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’? She looked great and very different with the Jhumar on one side. Her look was quite varied in this film, where she sported a natural no make-up look to a slightly glamorous look in the mujra.   

Heroine: Honestly speaking, Kareena looked quite ugly in some portions of this film, particularly the greenish make up in the press conference scene. She looked pale and sick. But, she did look awesome in the black and pink bikini blouse and black saree, the sliver and golden short dresses with the gorgeous maroon lipstick and the bright red dress. As usual,she looks great in dark lipsticks on the screen. Her look in the Halkat Jawani was not too good according to me.

Finally I loved her look in one of the promotional tours of Heroine. Her overall look was just perfect… nothing more and nothing less. 

Talaash: Well, my opinion is Kareena just does not look like a top class escort, however much she tries. She looks like a super model, even in plain Jane type clothes. I guess my first choice would be her look in the promotional song ‘Muskaane jhoothi hain’. Her peaches and cream complexion completely gels with the berry color gown and lipstick. She looks every bit of an enigmatic woman and one cannot take off his eyes off her. It’s just the perfect look, I would say. 

Another look that I loved was the last scene, where she looked ethereal in the ivory dress. 

These were my takes on Kareena’s looks in 2012. Which ones did you like? 

My 1st Haul Post

Girls here's my first haul post. Agree it took me a long long time to write one. But then better late than never isn't it? So without much ado, lets check the picchas!

What I bought:

Himalaya Neem Pack
Himalaya Fairness Face Pack
Avon Senses Sunset Deo
Avon Senses Lagoon Deo

Himalaya Face Pack: I had bought this pack to combat tanning on my face and neck. This is a good product as well. After washing off my face, I can see the difference, as it really makes you fair. I like the fact that it is made up of natural ingredients and it smells great too 

Himalaya Neem Pack: A good product and works wonders for your skin. I use it when am ina hurry and have no time to prepare a face pack, from the scratch.. It is effective in removing the oiliness from my face and cleans really well. I love the sweet smell of it. The pack is dark green in color and the pack mentions the ayurvedic ingredients it consists. So I'll buy this again as it works just right for my skin. 

Avon Senses  Sunset Deo: I was hunting for a citrusy orangey deo from time immemorial. And after reading a lot about the Avon Senses range, I bought these deos. The Sunset deo has become my all time fave. And I have finished it already! I love the orangey smell, which lasts for 3-4 hours and yeah, I'll buy it again. 

Avon Senses Lagoon Deo: This was sitting in my dresser, since I could not wean myself from the Sunset Deo. The Lagoon Deo has a colognish smell, which did not impress me much. However, the smell lasts for 3-4 hours. This is a definitely a no-no for me. 

Have you used any of these? How did you like them? 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stay Armed

The Delhi girl’s sad story , her pain and suffering is beyond description has shocked and numbed me. I can completely understand what her family must be going through. 

All the social media sites are flooded with women posting updates about this shocking incident, that puts a huge question mark over our society, the current situation, where  women are financially independent yet highly unprotected and the judiciary.

Naturally, moms who have little daughters are extremely worried about their little girls’ safety in the country. Some prefer to keep a close watch over what their daughters do, who they mingle with and accompany them wherever possible.

Some are frantic about letting their daughters mingle with neighbors, school bus drivers, distant relatives, and friends etc.

Many comments from politicians and people from other parts of the country seem to suggest that women should not venture outside their homes in the dark. While abiding by this is not possible and anyways it’s a very foolish idea, I was reminded of a conversation I had with my friend some years ago. Read on to know more about it:

A few years ago, I was asking  my friend about the new company she had joined. While talking about the regular things like salary, work-life balance etc, she emphasized on a particular item her organisation had provided to each and every female employee of the company  during the induction – A Pepper spray.

My friend could not talk more about the extra care her office took, and I could not agree more, that indeed the Pepper spray could be really handy, if such unfortunate times strike you, God Forbid!

The company advised every woman to carry the pepper spray in their bags. On days when women had a long day at work, security officials were instructed to check the bags of all the women employees to see if they carried this spray.

Considering the horrid situation the Delhi girl had to face, I am buying this spray for sure. Because I feel I would like to stay safe and protected first and then add other items to my vanity case. What about you, are you buying? If yes, then you can buy these at  

 You can also check the multi-function alarm/pepper spray here. 

Though I know too well, that such hopeless men may find ways to counteract this spray, as evident in this incident, where they threw the cellphones of both the victims. Still, Prevention is always better than cure isn't it? 

Meanwhile, I pray to the Lord that the victim gets justice as soon as possible and the government takes stern action the culprits and takes measures to provide safety to women across the country. 

Monday, December 03, 2012

My Article on Sun Protection and Sun Tan

Hello pretty ladies!

So how was Monday? 

Today I have decided not to write another product review. 

Rather I'd like to share my article with you all, published in Pepperfry Blog today. 

As you can see, this piece of news made my day already. 

Click here to read the article. 

I'd be happy if you share your thoughts, opinions and suggestions. I'll look forward to all of it. 

Stay beautiful and happy always.