Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kareena's Top 5 Best Looks of 2012

With 11 days to go, it’s time to rewind isn’t it? Today’s post is dedicated to Kareena Kappor Khan (whuff! KKK) , where we’ll explore the top 5 looks she sported onscreen and off it in 2012. 

When it comes to Kareena, one has to admit that this lady is like wine, getting better with the passage of time. She appeared in quite many films this year and her filmography is as follows: 

Ek Main aur Ek tu – This was her first film of the year. 
Agent Vinod  - This much hyped film bombed at the box office. The whole of India was expecting her wedding to be held immediately after the film’s release. 
Rowdy Rathore – Special appearance in Item Song
Heroine – Author backed role and the film was directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. Due to its similarity with his earlier film Fashion, the movie was not well received by the audience. 
Talaash – An interesting role played by her. She did put in a sensitive performance, and looked great. 

I will not talk about the item songs she appeared in. So it's only about the full fledged roles Kareena played in her movies this year. 

Ek Maun Aur Ek Tu: Starring along with Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor looked every bit the girl-next-door and sported the normal everyday girl look. I loved her glossy lips in nude shades, with rosy cheeks. In some scenes, one could see her eyes thinly lined with eyeliner and kohl. She also donned the messy hair look in this film. 

Agent Vinod: Who can forget this actress in the song ‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’? She looked great and very different with the Jhumar on one side. Her look was quite varied in this film, where she sported a natural no make-up look to a slightly glamorous look in the mujra.   

Heroine: Honestly speaking, Kareena looked quite ugly in some portions of this film, particularly the greenish make up in the press conference scene. She looked pale and sick. But, she did look awesome in the black and pink bikini blouse and black saree, the sliver and golden short dresses with the gorgeous maroon lipstick and the bright red dress. As usual,she looks great in dark lipsticks on the screen. Her look in the Halkat Jawani was not too good according to me.

Finally I loved her look in one of the promotional tours of Heroine. Her overall look was just perfect… nothing more and nothing less. 

Talaash: Well, my opinion is Kareena just does not look like a top class escort, however much she tries. She looks like a super model, even in plain Jane type clothes. I guess my first choice would be her look in the promotional song ‘Muskaane jhoothi hain’. Her peaches and cream complexion completely gels with the berry color gown and lipstick. She looks every bit of an enigmatic woman and one cannot take off his eyes off her. It’s just the perfect look, I would say. 

Another look that I loved was the last scene, where she looked ethereal in the ivory dress. 

These were my takes on Kareena’s looks in 2012. Which ones did you like? 


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