I’m marching onto the first month anniversary of my blog and my fellow bloggers have already awarded me! Isn’t that a huge surprise and a great incentive? I’m surely over the moon today.
Here are the links to the pretty ladies’ blogs who have generously showered me with the awards. J
Dolon, Swati, Smita and Samannita have showered me with an award. I cannot express my thanks to you in words. Thanks a ton and hope this love and bond grows each passing day. J


On Aug 14th, Prachi awarded me! Thanks Prachi and my joy knows no bounds! :) I'll answer your questions in a post separately. Thank you once again for visiting my blog and for awarding me.

And yet another award from Samannita. Thank you soo sooo much!  
Yay, it's award time once again! Shilpa Gandotra has awarded the Sunshine Blogger Award to me and boy! am I mighty glad about this.

Thanks a lot Shilpa!

Shivani of has showered me with the Sunshine Blogger Award again on Aug 31st. :) Thank you Shivani and am glad that you considered me for this award.

It's award time again. And this time Niesha of Indian Beauty Forever (click the link to read the post) has awarded me and she has bestowed the Versatile Blogger Award on me. :) Thanks a ton Niesha and words fall short for the way you guys encourage and motivate me. Thanks again and I'll do the customary rule of passing this award in my next post very soon. Thanks a ton, once again!  



  1. Loved your blog dear..please do accept your award here :

  2. Oh thank you Prachi for the wonderful gift. Never imagined I would get an award so early after starting my blog. Thanks a ton! :)


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