Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Google Plus URL

Though my tight schedule is not allowing me to blog about products I have been using and loving so far, that does not mean I'm completely away from my baby a.k.a my blog. Just cannot stay away from it!
And that's why whenever I can, I sneak into my blog, even if work pressure is extreme. Anyways coming to the point, I wanted to share something with all you dear readers. Few weeks back ( I suppose) Google mailed many of us, who use Google+ frequently, to inform that we can change our URL and customize it according to the profile name given in our Google+ profiles.

I read the email then, but stopped at that itself. But today as soon as I had some free time, I followed the instructions and received my custom URL. yaaay to that! :)
So here it is beautiful ladies: google.com/+NiveditaRCIndianBelle

Tadaaa.... gone are the days of boring and long Google+ URLs that seemed Latin and Greek to me mostly. I'm loving the short and sweet URL of mine very much. So what's stopping you girls? And do not forget to click the link to visit the page. :)
Go ahead (only if you've received a similar mail from Google+ team) and get your custom URL and enjoy the benefits. :) And if you're still wondering, it is absolutely free :P lol
Until next time... cheers everyone!


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