Monday, November 11, 2013

Which Mobile Phone do you use?

Long long time indeed… well yes, I am guilty of being MIA for a long time now! And the reasons are plenty — in laws are visiting us, I joined a new organization so right now am up to impressing my new lead by staying a little late at work, and after returning dog-tired I do not feel like opening the pitara (read: laptop) connect to the internet and blog, seriously!
Whether it is my lack of interest or just the tiredness or shorter winter days I don't know…. However that does not mean I've quit blogging or intend to. It's just that I'll be infrequent here.
To address this tiredness/lack of interest/infrequency due to lack of time, I'm planning to work smartly, a.k.a blog on the go. And this is the crux of today's post — I'd like to know…

How many of you blog on the go using mobile phones? When I say using mobile phones, I'm not just referring to typing the post; I also mean taking pictures and editing them to your liking for the posts to look attractive and meaningful.

Please help me here ladies, coz I know I have to buy a new mobile phone for this.

So please suggest me phones priced within 9k that can be used to good quality pics and to blog while I travel or taking a mini-break at work.

Your suggestions are extremely required and hence are most welcome! J
And before I leave, let me quickly tell you the products I plan to review in the coming weeks and here's what I bought:

·        Colorbar Oh My Magenta lipstick

·        Maybelline Hypercurl (Washable)  Mascara

·        Maybelline Cheeky Glow BlushPeachy Sweetie (I'm in love with this name and I repeat it countless times in my head…)

·       Maybelline Bad to the Bronze eye tattoo (don't raise your eyebrows pls.. I know I'm late in joining you guys here)

·        Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

·        Miss Claire eye pencils – Denim and Royal Blue

·        Biotique Almond Oil Cleanser

·        Fab India Silk Protein Nourishing cream
Cheers Ladies! J

Pic Courtesy: Google

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