Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Currently Craving: White Chaandbalis

Women are notorious for their cravings... be it pickles, chocolate, icecream or any other type of dessert or any finger licking good food for that mater. You name it and women will pull out all the stops until they fulfill their cravings. But no this post isn't about food as it may seem so! 

Well, it is about my current craving for..... this lovely chaandbaali that Deepika Padukone sported during a promotional event of her latest movie Chennai Express

Lovely aint it?
Oh these drop dead gorgeous earrings just refuse to fade into the dark abyss of my mind, where the other important information usually (that must be remembered) goes straight in! (lol) 

To extinguish this undying desire of mine, I've done all I could from hunting every site and shop, in the hope of spotting this lovely earring. Did she custom-order this or what, I wonder at times? And when I realized I may not be able to own an exact replica of these, I cajoled myself to own a chandbaali with white pearl at least. Remember the Ayush shampoo ad: 'adjust kar lo!'

But in vain! 

So now this is a call to all the lovely ladies - do you know any site that sells nice and large chaandbalis with white pearl which looks similar? 

And in case you know, will you please  mention the name in the comments section below with the approx. price? I just hope I dont have to burn a big hole in my pocket for these super lovely earrings. :) 

I want this at any cost :P

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