Monday, September 16, 2013

FOTD with Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick No. 20

It is often said: if you want or desire something with all your heart, the universe works for you and gives it you eventually. Well, right now I can completely feel that euphoric feeling , when the Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick no. 20 landed in my hands, thanks to the universe. :P I know you must be thinking what the….! But seriously girls, the lipstick got added to my stash that accidentally and this is how.

The never-ending desire to get this lipstick was born when I read Poorna's review (a wonderful food and beauty blogger from Kolkata) in a well–known beauty blog and I instantly fell in love with the color. As I was already looking to add a bright fuchsia lipstick to my collection, the Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick no. 20 seemed like manna from the heaven at that wow price! Immediately I checked but the OOS notice put me off initially and fuelled my desire to have it tenfold.

Months went by and then one day, I read Agnirupa's (a blog contributor from Kolkata and a very sweet girl) FB update about some products she wanted to sell. Of course most of them were taken, except the Kate Moss lipstick no. 20. I messaged her to block it for myself readily and the confirmation message from Agnirupa helped me realize my dream finally. Am I getting a tad too dramatic here? Cannot help you know ... :) I could not resist the wait and was eager to receive the parcel at the earliest.

I loved everything about the lippy. Its packaging, the Kate Moss signature.. every bit about the lippy caught me hook, line and sinker! 

I swatched the lipstick in no time and admired its intense color with great joy. I wore it to every event I could, including the Ganeshotsav dinner party held at my residential complex. The pic you see below is taken after I returned home that night from the dinner party. I simply love the color and I know this love will grow by the day.

What about you? Do you love any make-up product this crazily, deeply or madly? 

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