Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo Bold Gold shade and a EOTD

The 24 hour color tattoos have stolen everyone's heart. And I wonder why it took me this long to own one of these tiny beauties. Anyways, now that I own a shade from this range, let me straight away come to the point. 

The Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour eye shadow in the shade Bold Gold is out and out meant for glittery events in the night. However, the bolder lot can tweak it to apply during the day, in which case you'll need to apply this shade very sparingly over the eyelids, to show only a hint of this.

Let me tell you why. The Bold Gold color tattoo looks like a pot of gold and when I applied this in generous amount on my eyelids, I looked a la Parveen Babi or Zeenat Aman all ready to perform a disco number from the 80s Hindi movies. Yeah this shade is very gawdy and glittery when applied in generous amount. So the trick to apply this shade (if you do not want to wear it for glittery events in the night) would be to - take little of this product and then play around. 

The texture is quite soft and smooth and can be applied on the lids quite easily without tugging  or pulling. And as I just said, the pigmentation is very good, which means so you need to know how much to apply as a little more of it could make you look very very blingy. The pic below will make the point clearer. 

Pls ignore the undone eyebrows. :P
However I have one complaint though about this eye shadow. After drying it creates a very rough look on the eyelids, making the eyes look like a crumpled paper. This can be a bane for women with dry and wrinkled eye area. It could make you look quite aged and dull. The shade is loaded with shimmer. 

I did not like it though for two reasons: firstly, I didn't like the look it imparted after the shadow dried and secondly, I was looking for something like Bad to the Bronze which was out of stock sadly. So I'm thinking of giving it away pretty soon. 

Lastly, it is really long-lasting, in fact it refuses to go off the eyelids unless you use a make up remover or make-up removing oil to remove this product completely. 

On a different note:

Would you like to buy this eye shadow that has been swatched once only for this EOTD? Or better would you like to swap your Maybelline Bad to the Bronze color tattoo with this one? (I'm not kidding at all.)

 Price: INR 350/- 

Your feedback is most awaited. 

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