Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Faces Longwear Eyepencil in Navy Blue

Pleasing me is extremely simple! If anyone wants to please or impress me, the sure shot way is to buy me a decent colored eye pencil and I'm a slave! Ha ha lol seriously and I really hope my husband is reading this so that he knows the trick to please me right after a tiff! :P 

Jokes apart, today I would be talking about a ravishing  eye pencil I cannot stop gushing about. Simply because it makes my eyes look fabulous each and every time I apply it. [yeah yeah am blowing my own trumpet! :)] Tell me girls, aren't the Faces Longwear eye pencils every girl's sweetheart? 
Now, with scores of reviews on the net, I will not write the product details as it is old news already. Rather let me just KISS (keep it short and sweet) that is. 

I bought the Faces Longwear eye pencil in the shade navy blue in June (you can read more about that Haul  here) and as soon as I tried it on my eyelids, I fell head over heels in love with it. Here's why: 

1. It is extremely smooth and glides on the eyelids like butter. 
2. True to its name, Longwear it surely is. It refuses to budge when you use a face wash only. You need a cleansing milk or make-up remover to remove any trace of this eye pencil. 
3. The color pay off is very good. One swipe and your eyes are lined perfectly well. And I just love the shade I bought. 
4. You can sharpen it easily. 
5. Wonderful colors in this range makes you get all of them. 
6. The one I bought in navy blue is not shimmery, making it a perfect wear for office and day as well. 
7. Affordable and easily available online and in most beauty shops. 

Lastly, this is a must for all of you. If you still do not have this in your kitty you're missing out on an awesome pocket-friendly product. 

I'm getting a few other shades in this range for sure such as black, dark green and purple. 

Price: INR 349/-

As always feedback is welcome. :)

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