Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August Haul

You must have known by now that we Beauty Bloggers are prey to cosmetics and with the rage of bold colors all around, I am no exception. So I fell head over heels for a gorgeous Magenta lipstick and that is what I bought me in the beginning of this month. Well it is not a newly launched lippy and many of you are quite familiar with it. Yes ladies, let me introduce you to the newest guest in my vanity - the O My Magenta lipstick from Colorbar.

Woo it is some bold color I must tell you! One swipe and your lips are ready to rock.. yeah I mean it literally. It is that color which can set any red carpet event on fire and make heads turn instantly, as soon as you make an entry. And here is how I tweak it. I am not a complete brave heart, so cannot think of wearing it during the day when the sun is blazing. So I wear it mostly on cloudy gloomy days when we dont mind adding a dash of color to our outfits. Also you could pair it with outfits that dont flatter your complexion, to add a little brightness to your overall look.

And I dont need to tell you that it is such a welcome break from the boring maroon and burgundy colors we have seen on women during weddings etc. You got the hint I hope; this wedding season try this Magenta lipstick instead of the old maroon lippy you have been using since ages. :)

Try it and you wont regret it girls :)

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