Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stay Armed

The Delhi girl’s sad story , her pain and suffering is beyond description has shocked and numbed me. I can completely understand what her family must be going through. 

All the social media sites are flooded with women posting updates about this shocking incident, that puts a huge question mark over our society, the current situation, where  women are financially independent yet highly unprotected and the judiciary.

Naturally, moms who have little daughters are extremely worried about their little girls’ safety in the country. Some prefer to keep a close watch over what their daughters do, who they mingle with and accompany them wherever possible.

Some are frantic about letting their daughters mingle with neighbors, school bus drivers, distant relatives, and friends etc.

Many comments from politicians and people from other parts of the country seem to suggest that women should not venture outside their homes in the dark. While abiding by this is not possible and anyways it’s a very foolish idea, I was reminded of a conversation I had with my friend some years ago. Read on to know more about it:

A few years ago, I was asking  my friend about the new company she had joined. While talking about the regular things like salary, work-life balance etc, she emphasized on a particular item her organisation had provided to each and every female employee of the company  during the induction – A Pepper spray.

My friend could not talk more about the extra care her office took, and I could not agree more, that indeed the Pepper spray could be really handy, if such unfortunate times strike you, God Forbid!

The company advised every woman to carry the pepper spray in their bags. On days when women had a long day at work, security officials were instructed to check the bags of all the women employees to see if they carried this spray.

Considering the horrid situation the Delhi girl had to face, I am buying this spray for sure. Because I feel I would like to stay safe and protected first and then add other items to my vanity case. What about you, are you buying? If yes, then you can buy these at  

 You can also check the multi-function alarm/pepper spray here. 

Though I know too well, that such hopeless men may find ways to counteract this spray, as evident in this incident, where they threw the cellphones of both the victims. Still, Prevention is always better than cure isn't it? 

Meanwhile, I pray to the Lord that the victim gets justice as soon as possible and the government takes stern action the culprits and takes measures to provide safety to women across the country. 

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