Friday, September 07, 2012

Question of the Week: Week 1

I have a weird habit – I call it ‘weird’ though it may be a common practice with some of you. At the end of each day, I ponder over the highlights of the day – whether good or bad. And I try and derive a lesson from these events and promise myself to deal with the event/issue in a different way that will help me to reach positive results. I think about the minor and major occurrences both in an objective manner and try to make sense out of it, because not all events have conclusions always! (Hope I’m not boring you with my ramblings.)   

I thought of writing the above lines, because I firmly believe that a beautiful mind leads to beautiful soul which is an essential element to look pretty, graceful and elegant. After all, beauty is skin deep isn’t it?

Okay, so today I’m starting a new section in my blog, which is titled ‘Question of the Week’, with an aim to exercise our minds and think about other equally important stuff such as the worldly matters, parenting et al. (No need to worry, I'll ask simple and open ended ones, once which need not have a 'yes' or 'no' answer, Promise!

With this initiative – I would like to know more about my readers (yes, all of you pretty Ladies!) Also, I would like to learn more about different perspectives, thought processes and patterns. After all, we grow internally by sharing ideas and dwelling and debating on sensitive topics as well. Do you agree? So let’s share to grow from within.

Festive mood is in the air already and many of use are shopping for Ganpati or Durga Puja  . So today’s question is based on our favorite topic Shopping. (I can see the ear-to-ear grins almost!)

Question Time! :) 
I eagerly wait for Sales and postpone my shopping until I see husge discounts raining everywhere. However, the flipside, I become greedy seeing the less money I pay, and buy more than I want. Back home, I repent and regret spending my hard earned money on stuff that I could’ve done without.

So is it a smart idea to only wait for the sales (and not buy otherwise) or avoid them like plague or follow Buddha's Middle Path? 

What do you think and how do you deal with guilt, once you calculate the expenses and do a reality check? Please share, I’m eager to know.