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5 Lipsticks Shades Every Indian Woman Must Own!

Those who have been following my personal FB page already know the reason of my absence here.(I’d not like to repeat the reason of being MIA here.) So without much ado, I bring to you my thoughts on the different lipstick shades every Indian woman must own.
As the title says, I’ll talk about 5 types of shades you should own, however we don’t mind if you own more than these! ;)

1. Red for Red Carpet: Gwyneth Paltrow, Vidya Balan and countless beauty blogs in the worldwide web have stressed this before. Now, let me put it this way:

‘When in doubt, choose red when it comes to lipstick.’
There's a red for everyone.. yes for the dusky and warm skin toned beauties too! 
Nothing on this earth can make you look like a diva, on a bad skin/look days than a red lippie that’s apt for your skin tone. So go ahead and choose a red lipstick for yourself, coz there’s a red lipstick for everyone.

Brands to look for: MAC, Revlon, Maybelline, Lo’real and Lotus Herbals (surprised at the last one! Lotus has a few nice red shades. Do check out)
Rekha sports the bold red lips in every awards ceremony! 
Beware: You need to exercise a little caution while choosing your red lipstick! Coz red is one color that has the power to make or mar your look altogether. Ideally, you should buy your first red lippie after swatching it on you. 

2. Peach and Corals: Though they are quite different shadewise, I’d still say you could do with either of them, if you may. 
Peach being a cool shade, is perfect for any day event. The beauty of this shade is that you could easily combine it with a smoky eye for any wedding function or office event.

Coral is a comparatively warmer shade that could be great for women who do not prefer heavy eye make-up during the day. 1 or 2 swipes of a coral lipstick would surely capture attention on any day.
So, if you need a lippie that can double up as a daily wear and party wear, then reach out to this family of shades. Also, both these shades look good on everyone.

Brands to look for: For Peach you could check Oriflame and Colorbar, and for Coral, check Lakme and Revlon.

3. Beige/N*de: This is every working woman's saviour! Like Peach, Beige is a very versatile shade that is great for both office events and parties. In fact, I’d say this is a perfect shade to wear for meetings, training sessions (where you are the facilitator) and interviews. Would make you look different and not odd!

My opinion: N*de does not look great on me. So I opt for a n*dish pink color with shimmer which can be worn anytime of the day. This shade can be combined with heavy eye make up and as well as the regular kohl-lined eyes. 
An ideal shade for all women, who love or hate to apply make up. 

Remember Ash in Sarkar Raaj?

Brands to look for: Colorbar, Lakme, Oriflame and Avon

4. Maroon: How can we not include Maroon lipstick? Can an Indian woman ever part with her favourite maroon lipstick? Never ever right! 

Like me and my cousins, you must’ve been told by moms and aunts countless times, that maroon is THE shade for weddings etc. And see all our desi brands know this by heart too! :) 

As you know, maroon is a shade that can be worn only after the sun sets. 2-3 swipes make you look gourgeous and party-perfect in no time! 
But if you follow your heart when it comes to make up, you could always wear it as a tint during the day!

Brands to look for: (Do you still need reccos for this one? ;) Go no farther than our desi brands like Lakme, Lotus and Colorbar. Avon and Oriflame are good options as well.  Maybelline MAC and Revlon too have gorgeous maroon shades.

5 Fuchsia: If the girl in you is still alive and kicking, then Shocking pink or fuschia is your shade! The latest competitor to the all-time favorite red/maroon lippe, this trend is being sported by one and all right now and is a sure-shot way to get noticed. Highly recommended as it gives you a classy look and saves you from getting bored of the regular shades.

Brands to look for: Maybelline, Lo’real and Oriflame

So what do you think is your fave shade? Currently I'm addicted to Fuchsia and Red. And eternally I'm a sucker for rosy n*de shade. :) 

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