Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kesh Kanti Reetha Hair Cleanser

I laid my hands onto yet another Patanjali product, after I had finished the Kesh Kanti Milk Protein shampoo earlier. Though I planned to buy the original Kesh Kanti shampoo(reviewed here), my eyes caught this bottle, that seemed to be a new addition. So I decided to try the Kesh Kanti Reetha hair cleanser. The main reason being, I have been using reetha to wash and clean my hair, ever since I can remember, as my mom never liked chemical laden, store bought shampoo.

The Company claims: Usefulness in dryness & roughness of hair. Prevents hair fall & improves hair shine. 

Price & Quantity: So, without delay I bought this shampoo and all I spent was INR 85 for a 200 ml bottle.

  •    It is a herbal based product and natural.
  •  The one thing that I have noticed with all the Patanjali shampoos is – I do not experience hair fall at all. Without jumping the gun, I’ll tell you the entire story in a nutshell though. 
When I had used Head & Shoulders, Pantene or Garnier shampoo, I could see many hair strands fall off while I was rinsing my hair. The bathroom floor would be full of my hair. Of course this made me sad! Then I decided to switch to Patanjali shampoo. Initially, for the first 2 weeks, I could see lesser hair fall of during and after shampooing, but not anymore.

  • The shampoo does not lead to dryness of hair and scalp, considering I have extremely dry hair. **
  • Hair looks voluminous and bouncy and full of life.
  •  It makes your hair super-clean.
  •  Honestly, I don’t like the color of this product. Its pitch black and looks like I am applying dark pitch used to construct roads, on my tresses. I’m sure this can be worked upon.
  • Practically no fragrance. I believe a nice fragrance gives you a ‘feel good factor’.
  • It contains chemicals, so its not entirely herbal and natural. 

Points: 3.5/5. Points deducted for the color of the product and for lack of fragrance.

Will I buy? Hmmm… I guess no. My next purchase would the Anti-dandruff shampoo from Patanjali that supposedly contains aloe vera.  

Final Verdict: It’s a good product at the price, but I wont use it on a regular basis, for I don’t like the color and the absence of fragrance demotivated me totally. However, it does its job well! 

Pls do share your thoughts about this product in the comment box below. 

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