Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review: Patanjali Coconut Oil

Few months ago, I noticed my hair fall problem got worse! So then I decided to change my hair oil from the one I was using, which was - the Parachute Hot Oil. Initially the Hot Oil seemed to work fine, but seeing the rate of thinning hair, I told myself ‘enough is enough’. My research enlightened me about the benefits of pure coconut oil and I fell for it. I began hunting for the same and finally, I zeroed in on the Patanjali Tejus Coconut Oil. (I can see a lot of my blog readers raise their eyebrows in surprise, thinking oooo Patanjali sells a coconut oil too!)

Yes, pretty ladies Patanjali sells a coconut oil, which can be used for eating as well. The label clearly mentions – ‘100% Edible’ (Note the little text below the image of the coconut in the pic above).  When I first opened the bottle, the smell of pure coconut oil reminded me of Shalimar Coconut Oil, another similar product, widely popular in West Bengal. My grandmother still swears by the Shalimar Coconut oil. Now, let me list the pros and cons of this product right away.

The Company claims: The label says:
'Made from the mature & fresh coconuts, Patanjali Double Filtered Coconut Oil is a premium cooking and consumer oil that is pure and non-RBD... Patanjali double filtered coconut oil is pure and without any preservatives offering you the great taste, aroma and goodness of Natural Coconut Oil.'

The claim seems true and the oil itself is a proof of it. I'll talk about this later in the Likes section below.

Price & Quantity: INR 42 for 210 ml

·         The smell of the oil will tell you that it’s pure coconut oil.
·         My hair feels smooth and moisturized, when I apply it after warming the oil. I have extremely dry hair by the way.
·         I did see some baby hairs growing in areas, where hair had begun to fall, after 2-3 weeks of using this oil.
·         The purity is proved by the fact that it solidified, as soon as the temperatures have begun dipping now.
·         I trust the brand and the product, since it’s purely herbal and natural.
·         It is cost-effective and the oil is not too thick as well. However, I use little of this oil, considering it's pure. And little oil does not lead to 'chip-chip' or stickiness. 

·         Because it’s pure, it solidifies during the winter.
·         It is multi-purpose oil. I’m not advising you to cook food with this oil, but you can definitely use it to massage your hands and feet during the winter.
·         It can double up as a moisturizer too for people with dry skin. (I won’t dare to do so, since I have combination skin, with a really oily T-zone.) 
Points: 4.5/5

  • A genuine product at a very cheap price and the bottle lasts for 2 months, for someone who oils regularly, like me.

So would you buy this wonderful oil? I'll continue to buy this. Please do share in the comments below.


  1. I guess I need it nivedita ji :D
    nice review

  2. definitely going to be my next purchase :)

  3. Great!
    I will try it since i want pure coconut oil for my hair now.:)

  4. Great post.Its very good hair oil product.

    Marisha Wick
    Extra dark Jamaican black castor oil

  5. Thank you hai jee Apoorva jee. (big grin) Read on FB, that you are fasting today. Take care. :)

  6. That's great to know Supriya. I hope you wont be disappointed with this product. :)

  7. Hi Niesha, how have you been? Hope this oil helps your tresses. :)

  8. Hello Marisha, welcome to my blog. Thank you and yeah the product is good.

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