Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Celebrate V Day with Indian Belle's First Ever Contest

All of us crave to pamper ourselves and with our schedules becoming erratic more than ever before, therapies and spas have become an absolute must. And what better place to go to indulge in a luxurious therapy, than the Four Fountains Spa!  If you would like to read a review of the fabulous therapies and massages offered by this spa, then please visit here

Four Fountains Spa in association with Indian Belle presents a unique opportunity to all you lovely ladies and power women to rejuvenate and pamper yourself.  

Exciting isn't it? I'm highly excited to present this contest to you as well, since this is the first one in my blog. :) Now, read on to know more about the rules and the terms and conditions of this contest. 

Terms and Conditions: 

  • The contest begins from Friday 8th Feb and ends on 22nd Feb. Yes, the contest will run for 15 days. So that you get plenty of time to think about your answer.
  • You need to answer one simple question. Your answer should be descriptive and it could be as descriptive as you want.
  • There are 2 prizes to be won!
  • The winners will be decided on the basis of the best answers I receive.
  •  The 1st prize is a 1 hour complimentary spa voucher and the 2nd prize is a 30 min spa voucher. 
  • You can send only 1 entry.
  • Email your answers to me at with the subject line TFFS Contest Answer
  • Please do write about spa therapies that include massage, and reflexology etc. You can write about Ayurvedic therapies that are not related to weight loss.
  • Rejuvenation and pampering are the words here. So no other therapies are included.
  • Open to Indian residents only.
  • Please do not write about regular facials done at the neighbourhood parlours.
  • Fictitious accounts of experiences are unwelcome. (If I get a hint of imagination, I might ask you to mention the details of the place where you got such a therapy done etc. So please do not force me to do so! I know it’s uncomfortable and very very weird to ask such things in the first place… :) )
Contest Question: So here’s the question for you.

Which spa therapy according to you is the most relaxing and why? 

Hints: Write about the spa therapy that (you have experienced,) you think leads to pure bliss and relaxation and makes you yearn for more and more and why.
The best answer wins a 1 hour voucher and the second best answer wins a 30 min voucher from TFFS. So hurry girls!  

Participation rules are quite simple: 
  • Follow this blog through Google Friend Connect
  • Subscribe to Indian Belle through email here.
  • Like my Facebook page here.
  • Share this post on your Facebook wall tagging 5 friends
  • Share the following details in the Comment box below:
  • GFC name
  • Email id through which you have subscribed
  • Facebook name
  • URL of the Facebook sharing link with tags
So what are you waiting for? Participate to experience the pleasures of a massage therapy. All the best to all the participants. 

PS: Please check the TFFS site to see their locations. :)   

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