Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cool Tips: Tip to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Easily

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural. - Calvin Klein

I didn't mean to spark off a debate here, with such a contradictory (yet true) line. ;) And without much ado, I'd like to tell you that this post marks the beginning of a new section in this blog, where I'll share cool beauty tips and tricks only for you pretty pretty ladies.

Titled 'Cool Tips' , these tips would help you sort regular and not-regular issues that you face while applying make-up. It may also include some basic problems we women face like dark circles, puffy eyes etc. As the title suggests, the tips that I'd share here, would not be limited to the ones we all know. Instead, you would get to read tips that are relatively easy, but rarely heard before. Sounds exciting right?

And to add to this excitement, here's what I propose. 

You can also send in the tips that you know of,which have always fetched you great results for you. Due credit would be given to all the tips sent in by the readers. 

Ain't it cool? So without much delay, inbox me the cool tips that have always eased the most difficult task of yours.  

Here's the first cool tip that I found on the internet. And I'm 100% sure this will bring smiles to all the women reading this post: 

Liquid eyeliners! The very name petrifies many many girls and women, only because it smudges. Another reason is, not many have steady hands and hence they never manage to draw perfect lines at the edge of the upper/lower eyelid (I think upper eyelid is more like a smudge-prone though). So what do you do?

1. Keep your eyes wide open firstly as closed eyelids lead to uneven lines when you're applying the liquid eyeliner yourself. 

2. Now, draw three small dashes—one on the corner, next in the middle, and the last on the inside corner of the eye. Draw small dashes leaving blank spaces in between. 

3. Lastly, connect these three dashes to get a smooth smudge-free line and voila! you're done in 3 mins! 

Try it and let me know the results . I'd love to see the EOTDs or read your comments in the box below. 

Stay beautiful always! 

Pics courtesy: Google


  1. Wow Really great tips Nivi :) Thanks for sharing :)

    1. You're most welcome Radha. I hope this tip helps you. :)

  2. Great tips Nivedita...Will try thisway...I apply from the middle of the lid :)

    1. Thank you Megha for the kind words. I would love to know your feedback about how this tip worked for you. :)

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