Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Monsoon Guys!

Dear Readers, today's post is not remotely related to Make Up and Beauty and neither it's a review of a product, I recently used. Rather, it's about nature' s beauty. Yes, and no surprises are stored here. :) 
Well, there are two reasons for writing this post. One — I love love love the monsoon, almost to the point of adoring it like an amorous relationship (:P) and second — Pune glows like a charming new bride during the monsoon and that's what I love most about this tiny city. 
This weekend ipoured cats and dogs throughout the day, making Pune a la Mumbai, which receives light showers and drizzles usually. 

I did enjoy this heavy shower greatly as Monsoon rings in a burst of happiness within me, so much so that I can spend hours in the balcony or near the window watching and admiring the raindrops dampen the earth, wash the dirt off the leaves and the trees, the pool of water gushing off the roads, people struggling to hold onto their colorful or dull black umbrellas, kids jumping gleefully and play in the rain, making paper boats with their tiny hands, eager to float them in the little pool of water that forms everywhere. 

I cannot exactly describe the fun, amazement and joy I derive out of watching the beauty of Nature during the rainy season. Needless to add, nostalgia sets in along the lines. During such dull monsoon days I remember my father tell my mom, , to make khichudi, (khichdi in Hindi) that he jokingly called, gorom - gorom hotch-potch, (meaning hot hot hotch-potch) and knowing very well how much I abhorred khichdi, he would immediately ask her to make some nice omelettes to please me! 

Lastly, he would smile and request her to make a hot cup of coffee for all of us. Aaah cant such lovely days come back again or cant we press the rewind button and travel back to those golden days, for some time at least, so says my heart? 

Another incident that I love to the core, is the concept of rainy day during school days. When it poured relentlessly, mom would often wake me up and say: 'dont go to school today, as it's pouring heavily and I'm sure no one will turn up'. Now what more could I have asked for? :) So gladly I would say 'ayes' to mom and curl up in the bed with my favourite detective novel to savor the unscheduled holiday. 

Till this day, I've still not gotten rid off the habit of sipping warm coffee, while I read my favourite fiction, on such days. But I do add a cherry on top of this cake now, by visiting places in and around Pune, which seem heavenly during this time of the year. 

Dont believe me?? Here take a look at some of the pictures of the heavenly places near Pune during monsoon. 

Clouds descending over the hills

Waterfalls amongst the hills

It gets very very misty and I simply lowe it! 

And it rained so heavily this weekend that the headlines in today's newspaper screamed: Pune received a month's rain in 16 days. (Well Raam chappad faad ke dete hain na?)

So, with all of India getting splashed (and some parts flooded too, and affected due to landslides!), here's Indian Belle wishing all of you Happy Monsoon. 

Do you enjoy monsoons or find it very depressing and dull? Pls share. 

Pics Courtesy: Google Images

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