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Office Make Up Tips Simplified

I vividly remember the day I secured my first job. That day when I could shout and tell the entire world that I’m on my way to become an independent woman at last. Oh boy! What sheer joy was that isn’t it? But the moment this news settled in I realized, that the appointment letter was not only my passport to financial independence etc, it was also a gateway to stylish clothes and make up at work. Days when elders would say  — ‘you’re a student and you should only concentrate on your studies and not make-up/cosmetics at this stage’ — would be gone soon. Yippee!!!

So yes, at work it speaks well about you if you wear proper and appealing (read: pleasant to look at) clothes with appropriate make up. While most of us are quite aware of the type of clothes to wear to work, it is the make-up section where many ladies need a little hand holding at times.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan sported a perfect office make up look in Sarkar Raj

And that’s what I’ll talk about today.

Role of make up at workplace

Following points must be kept in mind before you choose an office make-up look:
  •  Make up is not meant to become popular and be featured in the rumor mills!
  •  Make up has no connection with ratings and performance at work coz ultimately, it’s the quality of work that counts.
  • Though several studies prove the above point wrong by declaring, that women who wear make-up are more likely to get noticed and promoted.
  •  Make up helps you to look professional and sets you off from your co-workers. 
  • It definitely helps to make an impact and create a good impression, as you are perceived to be well-organized and meticulous.

Another great example of good office make up is Yami Gautam's look in Vicky Donor

Thumb Rules

Always remember:
  •  Office make up differs widely from party make up,
  •  The aim is to grab eyeballs and not distract people with the numerous colors on your eyelids
  • Choose make up products suitable for daily wear at work.  All products may not be suitable for office make up. So figure that first!
  • Bright colors with glitters et al are a complete no-no! Go for soothing colors that give only a hint of color on your face. 

Yet another example of office make up

Make Up Tips and Tricks:
  • Clean, tone and moisturize regularly in the night. The result will surely show next day. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Face packs twice a week, within a gap of 3-4 days would be even better. 
          Result: Your skin will remain fresh and hydrated throughout the day and 
          you’ll not  need foundation at all. 

          My Tip: On a bad skin day, when you look anything but radiant, rub an ice 
          before applying a BB cream or a sunscreen.

  • Use a BB cream/sunscreen/ a tinted moisturizer with SPF/a sunscreen with a tinted moisturizer (that has no SPF) to even out the complexion. Here it is vital to use a shade that is not too dark and complements your skin tone.
  • Oily-skinned ladies can dab some compact to reduce the shine on their face.
  • Choose neutral eye shadows such as n*de, bronze, brown, light pinks, earthy hues etc. My Tip: I feel brownish bronze looks best at work.
  • Highlight your brows and the upper part of your eyes with a brown eye shadow.
  • Brown or grey eye pencils are great, though I have worn blue eyeliner at work. Black matte liquid eyeliners can be used as well. Alternatively, you can just apply kohl/kajal on the waterline. 
          My Tip: If like me, you also love to sport eye make up a la Kajol style in K3G, 
         (read: eyeliner on the eyelid with kajal on the waterline), please refrain yourself. 
          You should only use either of them.

  • On days when you have no time for eye make up, apply a volumizing mascara.
  • Neat eyebrows are equally important!
  • Apply a light blush on your cheek bones and blend it properly and evenly for a smoother look. Go for matte/less shimmery earthy or pink colors (do not choose blushes that are very shimmery).
  • You can have fun with n*des, pinks, and a light brown color for your lips. Or you could just apply a tinted lip balm instead.

Note her lipcolor girls! 

So what do you think about wearing make up to work? How much is okay and when does it cross limits? As always, feedback is welcome.  :) Till then tada.. 

Pic Coutersy: Google Images

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