Thursday, October 04, 2012

It's raining awards here

Yes, it’s literally raining awards in my blog and as is the norm, my beautiful blogger friends are awarding me. So a million thanks to them for recognizing me and motivating me to write more and more. J

Coming back to the blog awards – I received three awards in the past 2 days, and Radha and Demi have given away these awards to me.

Demi of Beauty and the Mist fame has passed 2 awards, one of which is very encouraging and Radha of My Noble Secrets has generously awarded me with the Lovely Blog award.

Now, let me introduce you to these wonderful friends of mine.

Demi has a wonderful blog, which is a treasure trove for any beauty and make-upoholic. If you haven’t checked her blog yet, you are surely missing a lot of cool stuff. And I can assure you, once you plunge into her blog, you’ll be asking for more.

Radha also has a very interesting blog that consists of recipes for weight loss (Yes people, you read it right) and many DIY tips. And the list does not end here, as you’ll find lots of posts on yummy food. You can also learn about deals and discounts in Radha's blog. So do take a look.

Lastly, I cannot thank you enough for awarding me. And here’s what I have to say about myself which is a part of the rules for the award given by Radha. But I must say it’s so difficult to say about myself! J                   

7 Things about Me:

1.  I am a simple Indian, Bengali woman, who is still a child at heart.
2. I love to sing, and listen to music. I’m a trained Classical singer.
3. Reading, writing and swimming are my passion.
4. I believe in honesty, even if it means people dislike me. I cannot pretend.
5. I love all things natural, though that doesn't mean I don’t like make up.
6. I’m a very independent person and I do not like it when someone does everything for me. I hate to be forced by anyone and I completely believe in ‘Live and let live’ policy. I love being myself.
7. For me, my culture, tradition and my origin is very important. I can easily forego anything for my family.

 I would like to share the Lovely Blog Award with: 

Dolon of Pout Pretty
Ramya of Lemon Kurry
Dr. Rashmi of Heathy Beamy
Swati Murti of Perfect Skin Care for You
Prachi of Luminousha
Swati R of Serendipity
Pooja G of Beauty Brains and Brawns
Ritu of Indian Beauty
Anindita Neogi of Ani_Make U Up
Demi of Beauty and the Mist
Aditi of Budget Belleza
Samannita of Make Up and Beauty
Shilpa of Our External World
Niesha of Indian Beauty Forever
Shourima of Make Up Fashion and Everything  like 

The Rules: One lovely blog award

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award onto 15 nominees and let them know.