Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Question of the Week 3

The festive fever has  bit me hard and hence the delay in posting the Question of the Week posts. Today, I’ll like to explore a very touchy and sensitive aspect of our lives. Oh wait, don’t press the panic button yet. 

My question for today is based on the ubiquitous factor of a modern woman’s life today – Work! So here you go. :)

With time, the chapters of our lives change. After college and post-graduation, most women decide to go for a career, to become independent and to utilize their skills and knowledge in a fruitful manner. 

However, some women reach a stage in their lives, when they are forced to choose either a job or a happy domesticity, due to marriage or pregnancy or any other important factor.

Do you think a woman should give up her career to resolve such situations? Is it not harsh on an educated woman, who has worked hard to secure a well – paying job and become a successful working woman? 

Or should she rebel and continue to work, striving to face whatever difficulties that come along the way?

Please share your views in the comments section below.

Have a great day. :)


  1. very true, a touchy subject!!...

    my take on this is that women, like any other living creature on this planet has her own will and this means her own decision power. whether to continue working or not post pregnancy or post any-such-event is a matter of her choice. one may say that her own decision are never her own as they are influenced by a number of factor such as, husband, in laws, relatives etc. but then how can we expect an unbiased decision if we are not clear of our choices. giving in is easy.. going all is difficult. many women choose to settle at home on their own will and i totally agree with them if they choose to. if the work pressure does nt allow them to continue working and they feel they are happy better off, then be it. all i mean to say is that it is upto you to decide. many difficulties do come in your way but always learn to prioritise. this solves many problem. depending on which phase of the life you are in and in what circumstances, decide whether work is more important or taking care of family or both...
    take care!

  2. Wow Supriya, very nicely articulated :) And I agree, a woman should get to decide her course of life, and no one should pressurise her. And I'm a blind follower of the concept of Prioritising. Your comment is just bang on! :) You take care too.

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  5. this is a e edged question - one side its the aspirations of the working woman and other side its her personal life and many times its seen that sailing in two boats always harms the person. its probably depends on the understanding of her partner and how much is he ready to sacrifice for her sake. many things are dependant on how much is the family supporting...many times its just the societal norms which come in the way - parents might as well say that you have to stay with in-laws even if husband is not in the country or some other such things which hamper the growth of a women. rebelling against these is not exactly easy and does take a toll on any one. i have an example - one of my aged friend (she is 42-43) and is doing Phd, she doesn't have kids but still her parents dont want her to do phd coz they feel she is probably ignoring her wifely duties!! she herself says that without the proper support, its really difficult coz a person gets emotionally discouraged to do something when there is so much opposition.
    I would just say that this decision should be left on the lady herself whether she wants to work or not. you would be surprised to know how many people want their wife's or daughter-in-law's to be working irrespective of her wishes!!!

  6. Hi Ramya. Yes sure I'll follow you back and I must say you have a very interesting blog name. :)

  7. Wow Swati, I loved reading your comment. You have put forward two different aspects and views in a very nice way. And yeah, it's a lady's choice after all, and too much opposition deters you in the long run. Thank you so much for writing soo beautifully. :)


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