Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What do my packed bags contain this Durga Puja?

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go

Its holiday time folks as I’ll be on vacation starting this Friday and I cannot wait for it to begin. I wish I could fast forward to Friday, using a time machine. 

But before I go on a 2 week vacation, I wanted to show you what my packed bags contain this festive season.

Right after my wedding two years ago, I became a big time saree addict. This makes me wonder quite often, whether it is the same me, who only wore salwar kameez during Durga Puja, right before I got married. 

Oh did I tell you that most of the sarees I have chosen to wear this year are gifted? A great bonus of getting married. I still have some sarees that I can wear during next year Puja as well. Jealous?? Hold on, for there’s more to be jealous about in this post. ;)

Okay, so this year too am wearing sarees mostly during the magical four days. However, since I will be travelling between my in-laws’ place and my home in Kolkata during Puja, I have bought three kurtas. So here are the pics for you.

The first pic shows you my entire collection of sarees and kurtas.

Dark green printed and blue and golden Kurta

Yellow and orange colored printed kurta

The blue, green and yellow colored pieces above are kurtas, and the green and yellow kurtas are gifts.

Clockwise: Bengal cotton saree, Baluchari printed, Dhakai, Baluchari printed saree, Patli Pallu, Kerala Cotton, Dark Green printed kurta, Blue and Golden kurta, 

Now let’s talk about the sarees. All the sarees that you see here are gifts.  
You must have noticed the white golden bordered saree in the front. This is a Kerala Kasavu cotton saree gifted by my mother-in-law, and I plan to wear on Ashtami morning.

The yellow and maroon golden bordered saree beside this, is a Patli Pallu stye saree, that was gifted to me during my wedding by a group of teachers. Patli Pallu is my personal favourite.

The deep pink coloured saree with maroon and golden border is my dad’s gift to me, and it is a saree with Baluchari print (a traditional Bengal Saree) all over the pallu. 

On Saptami morning, I plan to wear the light blue saree with deep blue border, which is a traditional Dhakai saree.  

To the left of the Dhakai saree, is a light green silk saree with brick red border. It is similar to the Baluchari print that my dad gifted to me. Again, this is a saree given to me by my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law.

The last saree in this collection is the light pink Bengal cotton (tant) saree that was gifted to me during my husband’s cousin’s wedding. Presently, I’m in love with the colour of this saree. I might wear this on Shashthi morning. On Dashami morning, my mum wants me to wear a white and red bordered Banarasi saree. I am yet to see it, and yeah it's a Gggift again! 
Mum liked it and bought it for me. By now, you must be wondering, woh how many gifts this girl gets. :)

In the nest post, I'll show you what accessories I have decided to wear with these sarees and kurtas.  

So stay happy and stay beautiful. 

PS: This is the first part of the "Jealousy Provocation'' series. So keep a tab! :P

Pics: My personal archive


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