Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Jac Olivol Body Oil

During my vacation in Kolkata in October, I thankfuly managed to curb my splurging habit. However, I had to buy a few useful things such as a bottle of Suthol and a bottle of Jac Olivol. 
The last product I just mentioned is the topic of discussion today. Not everyone has heard about this body oil, so I'l begin with a little description of the product.

Jac Olivol is maufactured by the Hannemann Laboratories of Kolkata. The company predominantly develops and sells homeopathic medicines and herbal products across West Bengal. I got a chance to use Jac Olivol, when my mum gifted me a bottle of this oil last year. I tried it and liked it because it was non-sticky, but being a chhotu, it finished bottle long back. So I bought a large one for the ensuing winter season this time.

It is a light yellow colored oil with a smell that may remind you of baby oil. As the name suggests it consists of oilve oil, coupled with neem oil and badam oil. Other ingredients are also mostly herbal which include daruhidra, manjistha etc. 

Price & Quantity: A 500 ml bottle of Jac Olivol cost me INR 140. 
The MRP is INR 165, but I paid less as I bought from a wholesale shop. 

  • It is a very light oil with sandalwood odour, that seems like baby oil. 
  • Because its light, my skin absorbs it very fast. 
  • It leaves my skin smooth and glowing. You can use it as a massage oil too. 
  • The moisturized or oiled effect lasts for 3 hours. 
  • My skin becomes soft after I apply it. 
  • I apply 3-4 drops of this oil on my hands and feet and I'm done. 
  • It nourished my skin so well, that I can skip applying body lotion completely. 
  • It is made up of ayurvedic ingredients. 
  • It is quite pocket-friendly and lasts for 4-5 months. (I use it once a day that's why!)
  • It does not leave any color stain etc. 
·           Dislikes: Only one and that's the odor. I don't want to smell like a baby now!

 Points: 4.5/5. I deduct points for the odor.

 Will I buy? I have already bought and I'll continue to do so.

        Final Verdict: A good product at a very reasonable price.

   Pretty ladies pls give this body oil a try. Its a must during winters and I use it during summers too, as it gets really dry during summer in Pune. 


  1. it seems to be good product for winters... is it only available in kolkata?

  2. Hey Supriya thanks for commenting. yeah it is a good product. So far I've only seen it in Kolkata. Havent found it elsewhere. But I'm sure shops keeping items that Bengalis use should have this. :)

  3. good product nivedita.its worth to buy.i have some weight loss recipes.i summarize and mail u.

  4. Hey Ramya, it is a good product I agree. How sweet of u! I'd love to read them and implement them. :)


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