Friday, July 27, 2012

Deep Conditioning Treatment at Home

It's the DIY time again!
Ha! At last it’s Friday which means the much wanted weekend is here. J Yeah weekends mean a lot of sleep, chatting and talking to the family, wandering in and around the city, cooking yummy food, but… weekends also mean DIY time for me.

It is on weekends that I get to pamper myself at home with fruit masks, hair spa and pedicure et al. After all pollution plays havoc with the skin and hair doesn’t it? This weekend my mission is to try the DIY hair spa I had posted earlier, along with henna conditioning, preceded by a deep condition treatment for hair. 

Today, I’ll share the deep conditioning treatment with you that I try to do at least once in a month, to smoothen my otherwise dry tresses.
Note that you can add other items like almond oil, neem oil or castor oil, if you have common problems like hairfall, dandruff or want your hair to shine.
I’ll give you two tips that will deep condition your hair, and add bounce and shine to your hair as well.

Option 1:
What you need?                                                                                   

·  Olive Oil
·  You could add other items like aloe vera gel, almond oil or mahabhringaraj oil for nourishment.
·  A shower cap

How to proceed?

·   Take enough olive oil - the quantity depends on how much oil you need to cover your entire hair in a bowl.
·  Add any other oil to the olive oil if you want to.
·   Double boil the oil by putting it in a vessel full of hot water.
·   Now apply the warm oil on your scalp and hair in generous amount.
·   When you are done with oiling, wear a shower cap and fasten the loose ends with clips.
·  Keep the oil for 1 hour and then shampoo.
Result - Your hair will be silky and soft and you’ll love to touch your hair all day long.

Option 2:
What you need?
·         Curd
·         Eggs (quantity will depend on the length of your hair. For short hair, you need 1)
 How to proceed?
·         Beat the egg well and add it to the curd.
·         Stir the mixture and apply all over the scalp and hair.
·         Keep this for 1 hour and shampoo off.
ResultYour hair will feel silky and shiny. Egg also adds volume to hair. 
Try these tips for yourselves and I'll be eager to know the results you saw! 

Also do not forget to share any tips that you follow as part of your beauty regime at home during weekends.

Love -

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