Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top Tips: Skin

As I try to come out of the shock of Rajesh Khanna’s death, I could not help but wonder at how beautiful Dimple Kapadia and Twinkle Khanna look till date! Both seem to be ageing gracefully, but, you never know whether they took the plastic surgeon’s help. Anyways, more on that later when I’ll write about Rajesh Khanna’s leading ladies, both on screen and off it.

This post is about quick beauty tips for glowing skin. I’m not too fussy, so I prefer not to be elaborate with my beauty regime. I believe in religiously cleaning my face twice a day, followed by the application of natural or herbal things to nourish my skin.

Let’s compile a list of such skin nourishers that are handy for working women (like me) and mothers, who are always juggling between home and work. So, here we go and please take note of these tips.

·   For dull and lifeless skin, apply a thin film of honey on damp face and retire for the night. Next morning, wash off, Do this for a week to see the best results. Honey is good for dry to normal skin, and oily skinned ladies, can add few drops of lemon juice to it.

·   Aloe vera is a great gift. Pluck out a leaf and break it to take out the clear gel. Apply all over your face generously. Keep for 30 mins and wash off. Aloe vera is good for acne, dryness and for general use. You can use gels available in the stores.

·   Cucumber is great to combat dryness and clean your face. Dip a cotton woll in cucumber juice to clean your face or apply a thin layer of cucumber to de-tan yourself.

·   Raw milk is an excellent cleanser for dry skin. Dip a cotton wool and rub all over your face, for a squeaky clean face.

·   Tulsi mixed with neem can be used to combat acne and pimples.
·  Neem juice or extract is good for any type of skin eruption like pimples, and scalp infections. You can use neem extract with turmeric to keep off infections as well.
So what do you like? Do you love the elaborate beauty rituals or do you resort to quick tips like me? Please feel free to share. J



PS: Images sourced from Google.