Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beauty and Budget??

‘A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it.’ Thus said Mr. William Feather.
We hate the word budget don’t we? But at times we are forced to adopt one and stick to it, no matter what. I prefer to stick to a budget most of the times, so that I don’t need to tell myself one fine day, looking at a necessary, upcoming expense, or my depleted account Okay, I must stick to a budget now onwards!

I was reading an interesting article some weeks back, where
useful natural products can be used instead of the regular cosmetics. Though I agree to some portions of this article, however, I believe essential cosmetics like a sunscreen cannot be totally replaced. Instead, you can use a natural product to nourish your skin when you are at home.

Let me explain clearly with the help of the following table.  

Beauty Needs
Natural/Herbal Products
Face Wash
a. Besan, Milk and Honey
b. Multani mitti, lemon juice and cold water
Depending on your skin type, you will need to alter the ingredients.
For Oily skin add acidic elements like lemon juice and for Dry skin, add moisturising elements like milk and honey.
Cleansing Milk/Cleanser
Olive Oil, Raw milk, Baby oil
Oil can be used for dry skin. Don’t add oil if you have oily skin.
Skin nourisher or moisturiser
Aloe Vera, Honey, Cucumber juice
Use either of the two. Just a put a layer of these on your face and sleep for the night.
De-tanner/Tan Remover
a. Besan, Haldi and Yoghurt
b. Multani Mitti and cold Rose water and pinch of camphor
Put a thick layer of any of these packs over the tanned area and see the results.
Do this regularly to remove the tan completely.
Glow Treatment
a. Orange Peels extract or powder, Multani Mitti
b. Yoghurt and haldi or olive oil

Coarse rice powder, besan, haldi and cold water
This can double up as soap as well.
Natural Body wash or Soap
Multani mitti and coarse masoor dal powder

Conditioner for shiny hair
4 tbsp. of honey in a litre of water
Pour as a last rinse and do not wash.
Natural shampoo
a. Reetha, amla and shikakai
b. Multani mitti and water paste

Under eye nourisher for wrinkles and dark circles
Sweet almond oil

Skin tightener facial or face pack
Egg white

How do you ensure that you stay on a beauty care budget? What's your strategy and take on this? Please share.


  1. amazing tips... combined in one post.. really nice post :)

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  3. hi nivi... a good compilation of all the natural tips... its very common but i guess we r too lethargic to practice :)

  4. Yeah you are right Supriya. But most of these do not take that much time. For example, aloe vera gel can be used for various skin problems. Instead of the night cream, one can easily apply a generous amount of aloe vera gel(tube or tub ones will do) and go to sleep. It works wonders over a perios of time! Am saying from my expeirnece. :)

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