Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I have been covered!

The title of this post seems shocking initially, right? Well yes, I was shocked initially too, when I saw my dear friend and ex-colleague’s post on me and my blog. Yes she has covered me in her blog.

Reading such kind words about me and my blog was so invigorating that I could not help but write about it. First of all, I’ll start by thanking Dolon numerous times for writing so beautifully and making my day.

I was away to meet my Auntie (who lives in US and is on an India vacation), yesterday and did not get enough time to check the post. So today morning when I checked, I found my pic and lo! there I saw a post about my blog. And the post sent me to cloud 9 straightaway. J 

Here’s the link to the post I’m elated about. Hope you’ll like it and will get good benefits out of the tips I had mentioned.



  1. wow nivi... u r already making a buzz.. :)

  2. Yeah Supriya trying to ... :D

  3. I have read it too :D
    Nice tips :) couldnt stop myself from following you nivedita :)


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