Friday, August 17, 2012

In The Spotlight

Well, I agree that I have been MIA (missing in action) of late, but not for long! And here I’m with a post on a bubbly young girl who is a Software Engineer and a beauty blogger as well. J

Ladies, today’s post is all about Apoorva and so let’s hear from her about herself, and her likes in general.
So over to you Apoorva!

About Me: Hi People! I am Apoorva  and friends fondly call me Appu. I love making friends and hope to meet new and like-minded people. Oh, by the way let me tell you that I am a miniature makeup freak. I am really excited about my blog as this is my first attempt to put my thoughts into writing.
Speciality of my blog: My blog is about us. We girls. J And my profile name suggests what I write… My thoughts, my views and my perception about this world. 
Though I have, just started working on my blog actively these days, you’ll find a lot of beauty and health related topics cooking in my blog.
There will be makeup. There will be fashion. There will be DIYs. There will be articles on being healthy in organic way and Lot more. So, do check my blog for updates.
What I most love about Beauty in general: I love being beautiful in a healthy way. For me, Beauty isn't just skin deep. It is the inner soul which makes you utmost beautiful. Living a healthy life style, making people around you smile.  And yes, always remember proper application of beauty products always makes you gorgeous.

And here are a few tips (Tried and Proven) that Apoorva would like to share with all you pretty women out there.
Tip No.1:

For Dry Hair:
If your hair is too dry and frizzy, try applying a hair pack made of curd and lemon juice with a half a spoon of oil(read any, I suggest olive oil). Keep it for an hour then wash it off. I bet your hair will become as beautiful as ever.

Tip no.2:
To Reduce the size of pimple immediately:

Rub ice over the pimple for a minute and it compress the pimple size. It works when the pimple just started and you cant go out with that red thing on your face.

Tip no.3:

Quick fix to avoid greasy face:
Apply a mixture of tomato juice and lemon juice to your face before you put on make up. Keep it for 10mins and wash off.This tip works the best for the evenging parties.

Caution: never apply lemon juice if  you are going out. The sun rays and lemon juice react and gives your skin instant tan,pigmentation.                                            
You can also rub ice on your face before puttong on make up. It tightens the pores which in turn results in less oily skin.

Tip no.4:
Instant lift to your sleepy eyes:

Apply a concealor first and then dust it with some transluent powder. Now the trick, Apply a white eye shadow or pencil on the starting on the eyes.Apply kajal on the above and below waterline of eyes. Take a brown eye pencil(irrespective of your skin tone) draw a thin line below the eye and smudge a little. It will give you an angelic look :D

Tip no.5:
Drinking a glass of water mixed with honey and lime juice makes you stay slim. Untill you drink this daily in the early morning I guarantee that you will never put on weight ! (I swear I'll follow this one.)

Tip no.6:
If you feel conscious about your body, try wearing a single colour all over. Like a black leggings and a black kurta etc.And if your tummy is a problem area of your body, then go for a A line kurti J (It more or less resembels to an umbrella cut kurti or simply a short length anarkali J ) 

Hope you guys support me and enjoy my writings

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  1. Given tips are very natural in nature and thanks for your natural beauty tips & all.

  2. Thanks a lot nivi for the opportunity :D

  3. I loved all your tips. Great tips apoorva, thanks for sharing :-) I m already subscribed to your blog :-)

    1. Thank you so much goga :)
      I guess I'm following you too :)

  4. Waow!! Appu...ur tips are awesum!!! :D :D N congratulations for being featured here!

  5. Hey Appu nice to read about you here also... I like using white pencil the way have described... :)

    1. same pinch Swati :D
      Thank you so much reading my post :)

  6. The pleasure is all mine Apoorva :D

  7. Replies
    1. whoa.. guess im too late to reply.. Thank u so much Surpiya :)


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