Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What to Expect....

I’m a true blue Bengali and like all Bengali women, I’m busy shopping for Durga Puja which is exactly 2 months away.
Apart from buying clothes, I have also been buying a few cosmetics for myself. So here’s what to expect in the forthcoming posts.

1. A post on what sarees and jewellery I have bought for Durga Puja
2. My mini-haul from Medplus beauty that consists of:
         a. Brihans Cucumber Gel
         b. Maybelline Watershine Liquid Diamonds Lip gloss
         c. Himalaya Fairness Face Pack
3. Another mini-haul of two Elle 18 nail pops
4. Yet another haul of Patanjali products such as Soundarya Face Wash and Aloe Vera Gel


On the wishlist are a couple of items that I would like to try for myself.
1. Aloe Veda Vanilla and Chocolate Shower Gel
2. A shower mist from The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works
3. Fab India products such as tea tree face wash
4. An under eye gel from Khadi /Fab India
5. Himalaya Night Cream
6. Himalaya Neem Face Pack


  1. wow nivi... u plan ur shopping so well.. mine is all random... ;P

  2. I used to do random shopping as well, until I thought I need to control myself. :)

  3. nice blog template... i hv a award for u... plz check..

  4. @Shivani: Thank you very much for showering me with this award. Will definitely check ur blog. :)


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