Friday, August 24, 2012

One Month Old!

Gosh! How time flies!

Amidst the numerous occurrences at work, I had completely forgotten that my blog turned one month old yesterday.

 And I really cannot believe that I actually forgot such a milestone. Anyways, here’s wishing a very happy 1st month Happy Birthday to my blog.

Wish you luck, love and prosperity always! J


  1. happy blog bday.:)
    keep blogging.:)
    I am following you :)

  2. happy 1 month birthday!
    you have an award on my blog - do check it out!

  3. happy one month bday to ur blog.. simply love the new look of ur blog...

  4. @Niesha: thank you for following me.
    @Shilpa: Thanks a ton for the award... :)
    @Supriya: Thank you :D


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