Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is Beauty Skin Deep?

Well am not asking you any questions, so here's the answer for you. Yes, beauty is skin deep.

And when I say skin, I mean skin and not the color of your complexion, Ladies!

Why I’m saying this is because Indian women still love and pine for fair complexion. Now, where’s the problem? The problem lies in the tendency of women, in believing that a magic potion exists that can change your complexion overnight, which is an absurd thought.

Today we’ll do a reality check and then we’ll see the workarounds and the options you can adopt.

Facts: The ugly truth

1. The complexion you were born with, will not become fairer overnight, and make you a blonde like the American and English women.
A woman with a dark or wheatish complexion cannot become a blonde! I know this is a rude jolt but this is reality.

2. You may swear that a fairness cream you have been using, produced great results, but it did so at the cost of your own skin!
Bleaching agents present in the fairness cream have been making you look whiter than before, and damaging your skin in the process.

3. Bleach damages your skin by altering the color of your skin for a brief while and the chemicals in the bleach play havoc!

Workaround: What can you do?

1. Well, there’s still hope and your dreams of looking a la Aishwarya Rai is not completely dashed.
2. If you were not blessed with a fair complexion like her, you can still look like a diva, if you take proper care of your skin and pamper it regularly.
3. Shift the focus, to polishing your skin and help it to glow, without aiming to alter the color. Yes, that is possible and I have personally seen many Indian women achieve this!

Solution: How to do?

1. Replace the fairness cream with a natural bleaching agent like honey, turmeric, curd, besan (Bengal gram powder), aloe vera, multani mitti (Fuller’s earth), milk and lemons.

2. You can choose from orange peel, cucumber, almonds, sandalwood powder and rose water to clean your skin.

3. Choose the ingredient that suits your skin based on your skin type, and use it regularly to see the results. Regular exfoliation also leads to clear and glowing skin.

4. But with natural bleaching agents, you need patience, regularity and dedication. So follow a beauty regime regularly and sincerely. You'll see results surely.

Trust me ladies, if you pamper and love your skin, it will give you back compliments and admiration from everyone. And it’s not that difficult as it seems to be. I have used most of these and seen my skin glow like a 1000 watt bulb.

In the next post, I’ll write about masks you can make at home to rejuvenate your skin.

And before I forget, let me remind you that dusky women like Smita Patil, Nandita Das, Bipasha Basu, Kajol, Chitrangada Singh, Noyonika Chatterji, and Naomi Campbell look beautiful too. Don’t they?

So love your skin and complexion the way it is and don’t forget to put in your thoughts below.

Love –


PS: All images have been sourced from Google.


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