Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Question of the Week: 4

Since the festive season is knocking at our doors, my question of this week will be based on festivals and work.

Hope you all remember reading here, that I make it a point to celebrate festival with my family in my hometown. However, I have received plenty of flat for this. 

At times, some friends have forewarned me about the implications of being hell-bent on taking off during festivals. They say this creates an impression, that I am not serious about my work commitments. 

Though I plan my vacation in advance, yet people say, this timed vacation could pose problems for me in the future. And I still wonder, what’s the use of being successful, if you cannot enjoy it with your loved ones. What do you think?

Do you think it is important to take off from your work, to enjoy festivals with your loved ones? Or would you rather focus on work solely, and not bother much about festivals and families etc? 

Please do share your views all you pretty women. 


  1. Thats what leaves are take them when you need the most. Who cares wht others say!

  2. You're absolutely right Dolon and I follow your funda totally. :)

  3. first family next work.thats my decision.nice question


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