Thursday, July 25, 2013

June Haul

At a glance, the post title might seem bizarre to you, but the fact is today I will talk about the products I had hauled in the month of June. And you have already seen a teaser of these babies here, wherein I had promised to end the suspense with a complete haul post.

I had ordered most of these products from the popular online store Goodlife, as I wanted to experience the services they offer. Another reason I wanted to try this site was its vicinity - yeah it is a Pune based company, so the service would be much faster than other online stores outside Pune (this last part sounds a little weird no? :P).

Most of these products you see here, are my first purchases and my decision to try them was solely based on the wonderful reviews, I had read all over the worldwide web. So let's check the products I hauled, along with a brief  review. (the products have been listed in clockwise direction) 

1. Fab India Vitamin E enriched night cream: INR 275/-
This was an accidental buy as I actually wanted Fab India's depigmentation cream. So when I could not see the results as per the reviews, I realized my error of judgement. However, it is a good night cream and would be great for dry skinned beauties, as well as for nourishing an ageing skin. It add glow to the face, making the skin supple.

2. Lakme Fantasy Glimmer Blue Shimmer Eye Liner: INR 295/- 
The eyeliner is a beauty at such an affordable price. It gives a wonderful pop of color to the eyes and the shimmer helps you to gain attention instantly. Plus it stays on your lids intact for a good 6-7 hours. Do you want anything more? :) The brush is perfect for drawing thin as well as thicker lines. You can wear it anytime of the day and yet look attractive. 

3. Maybelline Hyperglossy Eyeliner: INR 225/- 
Seems like I have been on an eyeliner buying spree and I just noticed it! :) Another black beauty, this eyeliner would conquer your heart if you want a shiny dark black line on your lids. The brush is apt to draw thin lines and winged lines. It stays for a good 5-6 hours, but it is not waterproof. 
4. Elle 18 Eye Sparklers: shade Gun Powder: INR 85/-
Why I bought this I do not know coz this smudges real bad. Though it is soft, it gets rubbed, in case you rub your lids accidentally. And it smudges after 2 hours all over the eyes. I plan to finish using this asap and never look back, as I have laid my hands of the faces eye pencils and found them to be too good. 

5. Maybelline Color Tattoo in shade Bold Gold: INR 350/-
Does this product even require an introduction? I added this eyeshadow in the Bold Gold shade coz I did not have a golden shadow, that's a must for the glitzy occasions like marriages etc. Amazing shadow that lasts quite long and looks charming on the eyes. I have combined this with other shades and each time, the eyes seemed gorgeous due to this fab shade. 

6. Lakme Eyekonic Kajal: INR 199/- (I paid INR 180/- phew!)
I was bored of the Himalaya kajal as it smudged like hell and so I picked up this product from the local cosmetics store at a discount. The intention was to get a kajal, I could wear to work everyday and that would not smudge and stay for 5 hours at least. And this one scored on all points, except one - it is not jet black in color. It is greyish but the thick tip is great to create smudged kajal look. Right now this is my go-to kajal. So me super happy! :)

7. Faces Longwear Eyepencil in shade Navy Blue: INR 349/-
Enough has been written about this range of eye pencils from Faces. So all that I would say is it is a must have in your kitty, if you love to do up your peepers. It is super soft and glides on the eyes effortlessly and looks splendid on your eyes. And yes it refuses to erase even with a face wash and fades only with cleansing  milk or face oil. At this price it is a steal and I will buy this again and again! 

8. Colorbar Nude Pink lipliner (oo7): INR 325/- 
Make-upista and accomplished dancer Sreenanda Shankar inspired me to buy this one. Not literally :) though. Actually I follow Sreenanda's Facebook Group Makeover Madness, where she shares amazing tutorials, showcasing various looks for all women to try. She always tells you to line the lips, and then fill the lips with this liner only. So without batting my eyelids, I bought this and it paid off brilliantly, particularly when I wore bold colors like fuchsia and red. By the way, I already consider her my make up Guru(ma)

Whoaaa that ends this haul post and I'd love to know how these products fared with you. Or any other thoughts about these are also welcome. And did I tell you that Goodlife is superfast. I received my products after a day. :) 


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