Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Tressemme Climate Control Shampoo

Not too sure if I’m being repetitive here, but ever since I can recall I’ve always trusted reetha, amla and shikakai for cleaning my hair. 

Reason: mom believed that herbal things like these are vital for healthy tresses and of course, she was not wrong, as I can still see the difference! Touchwood to that :) !

This brings me to the current product I’m about to review today — Tressemme Climate Control shampoo. As you all know this shampoo that hit the market sometime back, is a favourite for many girls. So I’ll not take much time and space to write about its content and ingredients etc, rather, let’s get to the point — which is how did it fare on my dry and coarse hair, (and likewise, not many shampoos gel with her, sad I know!)?

My experience:

Initially I was a little wary of picking this shampoo, but then I saw the wonderful effect this had on my friend S’s hair, making it look salon-like as the ads claim. So immediately I borrowed the shampoo to try, before buying, and as soon as I washed the shampoo off my hair, voila! yes I could tell the difference then and there. 

My hair felt soft and smooth like satin and boy that put me over the moon! Finally, I got hold of a shampoo that made my coarse hair, soft and extremely manageable, without making it limp and flat. This convinced me enough to buy the Tressemme climate control shampoo and conditioner, and I did so that very evening.

The shampoo is a thickish white formula which softens hair, the moment you apply it and you need a little amount of the shampoo to achieve salon-like smooth and healthy hair. What I loved about this product is its true claim — it delivered what it promised. Thank you Tressemme for bringing this lovely product to India and solving the problems of millions of women across the country.

So do you still want a last word? :) Just go and grab a bottle of this shampoo. It will not let you down for sure and it’s a must for everyone with dry hair. I just love this black beauty, Period (and so will you I’m sure). 

Price: A 100 ml bottle costs INR 64

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