Friday, July 26, 2013

Of My Experiments Vol. I: My HG Sunscreen

As a Beauty blogger we experiment with plenty of products, to be able to recommend the best products to our dear readers. In the process, we end up damaging and nourishing our skin and hair vice-versa.  (or do we experiment with other parts of our bodies? I'm not sure though :P ). There is a flip side to this too: this continuous process enlightens us about various beauty products and gives birth to our HG products

Then come what may, we refuse to part with these HG products... for the simple reason of our unwillingness to be in the continuous exploration mode. Oh my I used so many bombastic words here! :P

Anyways without digressing much let me share the crux of this series with you. Ever since I could try the different products available in the market, I experimented a lot. And these experiments have led me to some of the best products and worst products too. So I thought why not share my success and horror stories with you! Let's start. :) 

Experiment: Mission Sunscreen! 

It's the turn of sunscreens today! A must for all of us, I have used sunscreens mostly after I started working. Really don't remember applying it during school days, as there was no such product in the market then! (FYI.. I'm talking about the early 90s here) During those days, I remember applying Lacto Calamine during summers and Lakme Moisturizer or Tuhina Body Lotion during winter, before leaving for school. UV protection etc was like Latin then, don't know why! Now how surprising this sounds!

Cut to the millennium years now and here's a list of the various sunscreens I have used so far: 
  • Lakme Sunscreen Sun Expert SPF 24
  • Lakme Sun Expert SPF 30: Both the Lakme products were okay okay. The effect of the sunscreen did not last beyond 2 hours. 
  • Ayur Sunscreen Lotion SPF 15: Low SPF do didnt make the cut!
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block SPF 50: Pricey and felt dry on me
  • Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3 In 1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock - SPF 40: Same problem as Neutrogena
  • Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Block Cream - SPF 30: Pricey and poor packaging
  • Biotique Bio Aloe Vera Face and Body Lotion - SPF 75

The list above clearly tells you that I have used a lot of Lotus Herbals sunscreens and you might be tempted to think that I absolutely love them. But no.... Lotus Herbals sunscreen is not my HG sunscreen. 

It is not that they are not good, Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Block Cream - SPF 30 is an extremely good product, feels very light on the skin and lasts for a month and a half, when used daily, but the price is a tad-bit high. And the Matte one felt very dry and patchy. 

Rather I like Biotique Bio Aloe Vera Face and Body Lotion for the following reasons: 

1. It has a high SPF which is handy for the blazing sun in Pune, that tans the skin in no time.

2. It is herbal, contains Aloe Vera which is great for the skin, and has no smell. Yeah I have no problems if my cosmetic products do not have a smell.

3. I work in an air-conditioned environment for 7-8 hours. So I need a sunscreen that is not drying and stays for at least 2-3 hours. This product nourishes the skin and my face feels well moisturized for a good 6 hours. 

4. It can be used on the face and the body as well which is a double bonanza. 

5. Lastly the price. I bought my bottle for INR 180/-

Result of the Experiment: I will continue to use the Biotique Bio Aloe Vera sunscreen for the rest of  my life. :) 

How about your experiments? Or have you experimented at all and just continued with the first product you laid your hands on? I'd love to know. :) 

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