Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Teaser: Haul Post

Well yes I have been hauling quite a lot since a few months now, and sadly have never managed to share the pics of these hauls with you,  my dear readers. But then I would not want to give away all right at the first go. So a teaser for you! :)

You must be wondering why am I not telling you all about the products I hauled. The answer is quite simple - I love surprises and suspense. However I do promise  will reveal all about this haul and some more pretty soon. Till then take care and keep watching this space.

By the way can you spot the products seen in this pic? Let's do some fun: Identify the products you see in this pic and mention the same in the comment box below. I'll let you know whether you have identified correctly. I'm sure it will be fun. :) 

Love always,

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