Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My First EOTD

Ever since I turned a teenager (that's when I was allowed to apply minimal amount of make up), I have been extremely fond of eyeliners, be it the regular black matte eyeliner, waterproof or shimmer or pencil eyeliner and what not. Right now, I'm aiming to buy a glossy, pitch dark black eyeliner. And after I turned a beauty blogger, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with eye shadows too. So today after countless tutorials and following many of you, eye make-up pros (read bloggers), I present to you my humble offering – aka my first EOTD.
About the Look:

I did this look with eye make-up products only and my face is completely devoid of make-up. The products I used to create this look are:

  • Oriflame concealer – used as eye primer
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour eye shadow – shade Bold Gold
  • A lavender eye shadow from an eye shadow palette (it’s from USA and gifted by my aunt)  
  • Lakme Instaliner Water Proof Eyeliner on my upper lash line
  • Lakme eyekonic kajal on my lower lash line
  • Himalaya Kajal on my waterline
  •  Clinique mascara (again it’s from USA and gifted by my aunt) 
How I went about it?

I began by applying the concealer first all over my eye area. Then I applied the Maybelline Bold Gold color tattoo all over the upper eyelid and blended it quickly with an eyeshadow brush. After some more blending, it was the turn of the lavender eyeshadow, and I applied this just below the crease. Some more blending and the eyeshadow was in place. 

I patted myself for this and lined my upper lash line with the Lakme instaliner, which meant that half the job was done. :P Then I turned to the waterline and the lower lash line. 

You must have noted that I have used two types of kajal to create this look. The reason being – I’m quite poor at tight lining with liquid eyeliner, unlike a number of girls. Hence I opted to first tight line with the Himalaya kajal generously, and then drew a thicker line just below the waterline to create a smudged look, using the Lakme eyekonic kajal. This also helps to prevent the Himalaya kajal from smudging. 
Yes, the Himalaya kajal being oily, smudges way too much (makes me look like a Panda), whereas the Lakme eyekonic being matte, is a beauty, as traces of this kajal remains even after 8-9 hours. And I really wanted the kajal to  stay that long, coz I love the smudged kajal look very very much. Another reason for doing so, is I feel my large eyes look best with the combo of eyeliner and kajal. You'll see the difference in my next EOTD post pretty soon. Lastly, I finished my eye make-up with two coats of the Clinique mascara. 

I quite liked this look for a daytime occasion as it’s gorgeous and yet not loud. What do you girls think? Tell me about your thoughts in the comment section below pls. :)

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